Sunday, December 27, 2020

More Shavehorse

Work on the shavehorse stopped over xmas week because it is also MsBubba's B-Day week. Today was my first chance for shop time and as expected the Honey Locust bit my butt like I knew it would before finishing the shavehorse. While chopping the mortise for the rear leg wedge a big chunk blew out, the wedged mortise will hold the leg OK but it sure is ugly.

Left to do: fit the treadle to the swing arm, glue and peg the dumb head, cut and shape the swing arm pivot, and clean up and oil the whole thing.

A couple of photos:



Saturday, December 26, 2020

Patagonia Lake State Park

MsBubba, Sweet Maggie Dog, and I spent TMIDFTY (the most important day of the year, MsBubba's B-Day) "camping" in Patagonia Lake State Park. The park is between Nogales, AZ and Patagonia, AZ just a look see north of Mexico. The area was a major Wintering site for Native Americans and is one of the most beautiful parts of Southern AZ. 

Just one problem T-Moble coverage in the area is sparse and the Park's WiFi is spotty, our camp site for a couple of the days was missing WiFi. The satellite receiver worked so we were not totally cut off from the world but even MsBubba mentioned missing her cell phone. We somehow managed to survive the five days of roughing it in the motorhome by walks around the lake, throwing rocks into the lake for Maggie to retrieve, birding, talking, playing cards, cooking, eating and drinking way too much. I expect MsBubba would say it was one of the best TMIDFTY.


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Venn Diagram of Sharpening

 The Good, Fast, Cheap, pick any two, Venn diagram applies to sharpening with the minor change of Sharp, Fast, Durable for Good, Fast, Cheap.

I wish there were some magic where you could get a sharp, durable cutter quickly. The closest I've seen is the Unicorn profile folks are posting about on Wood Central. I've had mixed results using it, maybe I need more practice or it could be as I've seen posted the most noticeable results come from improving cheaper chisels, making them act more like a premium chisel.

The shavehorse build is coming along, the day job (guess I should call it the night job ) went into the backside of the clock last night and will for the rest of the week and MsBubba's B-Day is next week so progress will be slow.

I'm working on fitting the dumbhead and swing arm.

Once the swing arm and dumbhead are fitted I'll need to shape a treadle, chop a few mortises and made matching wedges to finish it up. 


Saturday, December 12, 2020

Rear Leg For The Shavehorse

The roughed out rear leg on the shavehorse:

Slow progress, mostly because the day job is a little crazy, but whatever it will be finished around the 1st. Things left to finish are installing the swing arm and dumb head, mortises in the platform arm and the rail to hold the wedges, making a new seat, and shaping the rear leg along with general breaking of edges and clean up.


Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Still More Shavehorse

 Shavehorse platform:

Gluing up the rails:

Rails glued up with front leg and platform in place:


The seat is off my old horse and will need remaking. Next up are the rear legs and "dead head" with swing arm. After finishing those the fat lady can sing her song.

Shavehorses are kinda like work benches, make one and work on it until something about the horse drives you to barking at the moon mad, then make another fixing the problems. This is my second rodeo and I expect at least one or two more before I have a horse that is an easy build and works the way I like. 


Monday, December 07, 2020

Gave Notice Today

 I'm going to do it, I told the suits I would give notice for the 1st of February but may work either full time or part time until June. By giving notice they can start the process of hiring my replacement. Dumb system, I just need to give a month's notice but the new hire once found and in the door will take 18 to 24 months to be fully qualified and at least a year after that to take over the "Super" TCE duties, if the Feds agree.  

What ever, I'm hanging up the blue blazer and gray slacks soon, the Kool-Aid is finished and it is on to being MsBubba's boy toy.

Sunday, December 06, 2020

More Shavehorse

 I glued up the platform that holds the table and the dumb head today.

The rails are sized, the build should go quickly said the fool with the keyboard.
I should add: I first stated the build would be with Osage Orange but it is Honey Locust. Brain fart on this end although from a working stand point not a lot of difference, both are miserable to work.


Monday, November 30, 2020

Trump is Gone

 Trump is gone, might be a little early but I'm down with the song.

Trump is gone.

New Norton Washita Stone

 Sharpening Supply is selling new Norton Washita stones. The price is right, IIRC less than $40 USD, so I decided to give one a go for no other reason than curiosity. I have no need for more stones but I'm a stone sucker. 

Here is a photo of some of my Washita stones:

The new Norton stone is bottom right. To the bottom left is a Norton "Lilly White". The middle stone is a Pike "Lilly White" and the top stone was advertised as a Washita, my guess one of the courser stones.

I had time to put metal to stone tonight. When you reach a certain age sleep isn't easy and sharpening is one of the few thing you can do and not wake the house. As expected from just feeling the stone surface the stone is very fast, my guess somewhere between a coarse India and a med India, It will be interesting to see where it settles in after use. My guess it will be close to a med India.

Anyway it could be a nice stone to add to your kit.


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Gumbo and Other Things

 Fall and Winter is when Chicken and Sausage Gumbo comes out to play in Cajun land. While AZ is a long way from South LA I had a hankering for a bowl of Gumbo. There was a pot of chicken stock and boned chicken in the fridge, I just needed green peppers and some sausage to make a little bit of heaven. 

When making the roux I wimped out and stopped the roux at a dark chocolate instead of working without a net and going on to Black.  Truth is while black roux is a little richer flavor the difference is minor and the risk is great. BTW, it sure was/is a good pot of Cajun gumbo. 

If you have never been to the Lafayette, Breaux Bridge area of LA you likely have never had a good Cajun Gumbo. It is totally different than Creole which is the Gumbo most folks are familiar with and something I will eat only to be polite.

On to something completely different:

A lot of time in the shop I take things for granted. As an example my jointer push appliance. If you use a powered jointer you need a good and safe way to push the work over the cutting head. The best I've found is one I've used for several years, well may be more than several. It is easy to cut out and keeps the hand and fingers safe.

Another are doe's foot sticks to help hold wood for planing. A stop, a doe's foot and a holdfast is all that is needed to hold work flat on the bench. It is much faster than using a tail vise. The top appliance is for holding a board vertical for planing the edge, also faster than using a vise to hold the work. Another advantage of the appliance is immediate feedback if your technique sucks😇.

  Just some simple shop made appliances that are in almost daily use in my shop.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Portable Shavehorse

Making a portable Shavehorse.

 If you squint that pile of wood is most of a portable shave horse. Right behind the pile is the current shavehorse that is not portable. The new one will rip off Jason Gallagher's take on Tim Manney's dead head horse. See below.

I have a couple of boards of Honey Locust that have been in the wood pile for several years to use for the rails and table (photo above). Wood for the other parts to be decided later.

Getting ready for four months, maybe as many as six months, living in the motorhome this coming summer. The old shavehorse was a PITA to transport and take apart, put back together, so much so I didn't use it much on last years trip to Oregon.


Thursday, November 26, 2020


 Thanksgiving during the Pandemic. Just the two of us, no turkey and dressing or even jellied cranberry. Just a picnic in the back garden with fresh bread, cheese, salmon, wine, and a lot of Facetime.  Hope all stayed safe and we can have a more traditional holiday next year.

Thought I'd add a photo of the bread and Mincemeat pie:



Well there is always a positive thing, wine and cheese with a good fresh bread is great, and with two of you less dishes to clean :)
Happy Thanksgiving, we are living strange times but still, being healthy and enjoying a new morning is a gift.
Enjoy your wine!


Thanks Lionel,

I read an article today advocating a second national Thanksgiving Day once Covid 19 is under control. I'm all for it and while we are at it add Juneteenth as well.

T-Day has always been my favorite holiday because it is about family and friends and even though "Black Friday" has been hijacked T-Day itself hasn't and likely can't.

IIRC your T-Day is early October, I hope it went well and all stayed safe.


Tuesday, November 10, 2020

One Screw

 There is always one screw or nut that can't be removed on any project. If there are laws of home repair that is the first one.

MsBubba asked for added shelf's in the hall pantry and like all SO's with a brain the only answer is "yes dear". The first shock was the price of clear Pine, $8 USD a board foot at the local HD. I walked away the first time thinking I could build the shelf's out of Cherry for the same price but ended up returning for the pine to keep from needing to do glue-ups of either Alder or Poplar. By the time I had all the boards, supports, and the Plywood needed there was a new charge on the AmEx of over $400 USD.

After a little butt scratching and a lot of rolling around on the floor the shelf's are installed, sliding doors rehung and the project finished. Hold on Pine breath. As re-installed the outer sliding door has a bow that causes it to hang on the inter door. Not a biggie, take the doors off and re-hang, 15 minutes tops. Wrong again Stripped Screw breath and that is where the project stands. One screw has it stopped until I can find my screw removal kit either in the shop (I know I have one) or at Ace when they open.

I think this sums up the last four years and the coming next four:

Image For the complete image follow the link. 

Credit  @thetimes

Sunday, November 08, 2020

I'm still Sorting It Out

Relief, Joy, Sadness, and Hope.

Relief because in a little over two months Trump, his evil spawn, and enablers will be out of power. Joy because the fear has gone. Sadness over 70,000,000 Americans voted for the evil bastard after four years of knowing who he is. Hope because seeing the dancing for joy around America and noticing the age of most. The future, if we make it, will be better once my generation dies.

I hope the vermin will crawl back under the rocks from which they came in 2016 and I never see another fat fuck ridding a scooter in Costco wearing a "Fuck Your Feelings" T-shirt.

Mazel Tov,


Saturday, October 24, 2020


 I watched Borat last night along with I expect millions. Words are hard to find, Cohen holds a really ugly mirror up for us to see and of all the views Rudy Giuliani's performance was the most unbelievably gross. 

How anyone that knew he was being recorded, and I'm not talking about the bedroom portion, could be so skin crawling disgusting and just fucking dumb was again unbelievable.  The questions about our country just from Giuliani's scene are frightening.  

It was not my most enjoyable hour or so but was time well spent.


Thursday, October 22, 2020

MsBubba Has Landed

 After 20 hours driving up to Medford, ~30 hours resting and waiting for MsBubba, and just under 24 straight hours driving home we are back in Tucson. The big difference in time up and back is mostly the 55 mph speed limit on towed vehicles in CA and a little traffic in LA.

Biggest observation of the trip was the increase in 18 wheeler traffic. While on I-5 and I-10 there would be 5 to 10 miles of trucks running nose to tail and if one pulled into the hammer lane to pass you were stuck behind it for miles. The other was all the rest areas were full and many times blocked where you could not pull in much less stop for a rest and any flat area along the highway was also chock full of trucks at night. 

There is a better way to move goods and we need to transition to it soon.

It is good to be home and all back to normal with MsBubba cleaning and pointing out I haven't a clue about dirt. BTW, she likes her new kitchen trash can and even more amazing it only took a couple of hours before she noticed it.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Going To Retrieve MsBubba

 This post is a little early, I don't leave Tucson to pick up MsBubba and the Honda Fit in Oregon until Saturday. Between now and leaving there will be little time for the shop or anything else other than erasing three months of evidence that there was no adult supervision for either Sweet Maggie Dog or myself.

The Motorhome is still missing the right hand mirror so we will be going in the truck, faster, cheaper, but nowhere near as comfortable. Bottom line a quick run to Medford, OR to be in position to meet MsBubba on the 19th. RON in Medford and hit the road hard on the 20th. Medford is just a little over 1100 miles from Tucson, basically a Saddlesore 1000 Iron Butt ride which is the easiest of all the IBA rides. Damn I miss my motorcycle and doing IBA rides and rallies but there is a time for everything and its time, like flying airplanes, has passed. The only question is can MsBubba sit in the truck that long. Sweet Maggie Dog and myself, no problem.

See you guys on down the road,


Monday, October 12, 2020

Shaping The Arms

Shaping the arms, first rough cut with the band saw, the draw knife followed by spoke shave, and now rasps. They are starting to look like bow saw arms.


A good rasp is a wonderful tool, getting to a finished arm would be very hard without at least one or two.

A week from today I will meet MsBubba in Medford, OR for the drive back to Tucson. The mirror still isn't fixed on the Motorhome so Sweet Maggie Dog and I will drive to Oregon in the truck. It is a quicker and less expensive trip but no where near as comfortable. We will come on straight back to Tucson from Medford instead of spending a few days on the beach. My guess is MsBubba is ready to be home anyway, she didn't fuss much when I told her about the change of plans.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Starting The 12" Turning Saw

I've both Beech and Hickory in the shop and have gone back and forth on which to use. I may end up making one from each wood, today I'm working with a Hickory blank. I'm sure there are a dozen ways to start but my first step is to drill the pin holes while things are still square.


The next step will be roughing out the shape with the band saw then refining it with a draw knife, spoke shaves, and rasps. While not necessary a shave horse is handy.


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Finished Filling Out My 2020 Ballot

 I've almost finished voting, the ballot is filled out and sealed all that is left is dropping it off tomorrow. No one person can fix the last 40 years but if each of us votes we can begin the job of fixing the last 4.


Vote as if your life depended on it, because in fact it does.

As a reward for a job well done I'm having a big bowl of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream. You can't get more Texan than that.


Friday, October 09, 2020

12" Turning Bow Saw

 I've many posts praising the TFWW bow saw. Of all the turning saws on the market and that includes the Knew Concepts saws the !2" bow saw is the best of the lot. Full disclosure: While I do not have or have tried all the Knew Concepts saws I have a couple and while nice they do not hold a candle to the TFWW 12" bow saw. For a couple of reasons, the first is simply a 12" saw will cut faster than a 6" or even a 8" saw. The second is the TFWW saw blades. They are thinner than a coping saw blade and will fit the kerf of a Japanese pull saw as will a fret saw blade. The difference between the TFWW blade and the fret saw blade are two things, first fret saws are slower than xmas and fret saw blades break. In the years I've used the 12" bow saw I've never broken a blade.  Faster than either a coping saw or fret saw, turns as easily as either, the saw blades do not break, and cheaper than many of the Knew Concepts saws. What's not to like.

TFWW 12" bow saw with saw kit:

I was looking around for a small project to piddle with and thought "self you could use a second bow saw so one could have a fine tooth blade and the other course tooth". While not a done deal, I should have a second bow saw soon. Photos of the build to follow.



Saturday, October 03, 2020

I Lied, One More Trash Can

 I want to post a photo of the final pull because you can't see it in the last photos.  It is simple, easy to make, and fits the hand well. In keeping with the rose head nails the pull is attached to the lid with two nails.


Friday, October 02, 2020

Fat Bottom Girls Make the Rocking World Go Around

A artist friend sent this link Which in turn made me think of one of my favorite versions of the Queen song "Fat Bottom Girls Make the Rocking World Go around" 

Last of the Kitchen Trash Can

 The kitchen trash can is finished:

And in position holding trash:

I may build another after a couple more projects are finished. The can is functional but there are a couple of small mistakes that most folks will or would not notice but I expect will bug me to distraction. Besides it is a quick fun build.

Still feeling guilty for my giddiness, but not much. If there is a god, she has a wicked sense of humor but whatever, Karma is a bitch.  


Thursday, October 01, 2020

There Is a God


Most of Today's Shop Time Spent on Cleanup

 A lot of shop time today along with some house cleaning to get ready for MsBubba's white glove inspection once she is home, started a little after 0300 and I'm just shutting down. For all that time there is not much to show. I finished up the inside fixtures of the trash can and spent way too much time trying to figure out and make a pull for the trash can lid. Here's one of the pulls:


Another that has a major design flaw:

I've not a clue where my head was when I put this one together other than stuck up my ass. The one good thing I can say even thought the glue joint is end grain to long grain I sized the end grain so the glue joint is strong. At least I was thinking well enough to make a strong joint but still major head up ass. I kinda like the idea but made with a long grain to long grain joint. Finishing the lid is all that is left to do, one way or another the fat lady is singing tomorrow and the can will be holding trash before night fall.


Short Comment On UnPlugged Shop

As I've posted this Blog has been removed from the "Unplugged Shop" aggregator because a snow flake got his feefees hurt when I posted a truthful but negative entry about Trump. Here is a re-post:

"Trump has been a despicable person for all his life and because his family had money he has never paid the price. Having spent most of my adult life serving and cleaning up after folks much like him I know the type well.

The grabbing 'em by the pussy and mocking the disabled should have been enough to disqualify him from the Presidency but because he hates and verbalizes the hate of people about 30% of the US hates he threaded the Electoral collage needle. It has allowed the vermin to crawl out from under the rocks and have voice and has maybe ended the rein of the USA as the world leader of democratic ideas.

If this last abomination isn't enough to drive a stake through Trump and Trumpism then this nation is not saveable and does not deserve to be saved.

I promise to get back to wood working and maybe food soon. There is 60 BF of Alder out in the shop waiting for my abuse. I need the distraction and sanity break.

See you guys on down the road,"

Compared to my real feelings about Trump it's pretty weak tea. 

As I have posted before, my blog "OK Guy" is my journal and while a good part of my life is spent in the shop there are also other aspects that frankly have been somewhat neglected once "Unplugged Shop" started posting "OK Guy". It was done with knowledge because "Unplugged Shop" is a wood working aggregator and I figured correctly that if I posted mostly things that did not apply to wood working the blog would be removed.

The good news is now those self imposed restraints have been removed. I expect the postings will not be a lot different, mostly wood working, some food and cooking, art and photography, and maybe a little more on politics but not much. The difference may be I will say "what I really feel" with no pulled punches.

Hope to see you guys on down the road,


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

More Debate

 There is screwing the pooch and there is FUBAR but I think there is a new one that takes it all in and that is to "Trump". As in "damn man you really trumped that one" or" it is so trumped we will never recover".


Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 I was working during the first part of the debate and only saw the last 30 minutes or so. If the first hour was like the last 30 minutes, I didn't miss much. I can sum up what I saw with just a few words: Trump is an embarrassment, how he was elected is an embarrassment of the U.S. and everyone who lives here and/or is a citizen. All I want for Xmas isn't my front two teeth but for that wanker (he doesn't rate being called a fucker) to be gone.


Cut Nails

 It is not often I use nails on a project but truth is I should use them more often. A butt joint with glue and cut nails may not be as strong as well made dovetails but it gets close enough. My last project used just that joint and I expect to be dead before there is a problem with the joints.

Here are the rose head cut nails I use:

I have a bunch of 'em, wish I could remember where they came from but it has been years. BTW,  simple to use, fast, strong, and can add a design element, what's not to like.


Top Trim Finished

 The removable top trim is finished, all that is left is the lid. The stock is prepped just needs glue up and sizing.

 The original is in the background. 

I may not finish tomorrow but will in the next couple of days. It will be good to get this sucker out of the shop and put it to use.


Monday, September 28, 2020

Kitchen Trash Can Base Finished

 I've finished the base unit and have the first application of Tung oil on it. The top trim is in glue up and the lid also needs gluing up.

I expect two or three more Tung oil applications to finish the base and about the same on the top trim unit. It has enough knots MsBubba should like it but you never know. 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Base Glued

The base trim is glued. It still needs trimming and cleaning up but that will have to wait on the glue to cure a little more. While waiting on the glue I'll make the removable top trim and lid. Followed by the clean up and a good soaking and rubbing with Tung oil and that sucker will be finished.

Unless MsBubba has plans for me, next up is a knockdown shavehorse so I can get rid of the one in the middle of the shop.


Saturday, September 26, 2020

Fitting The Base Trim

 I've started fitting the base/foot trim:


This is where the shop changes are paying off. With the two benches facing each other, on the off bench I have the bench hook for sawing to rough length and next to it is the shooting board for trimming. All I have to do to work between the two benches is to do a 180.

Pretty damn cool.


Friday, September 25, 2020

Sawing The Trim Blanks

Well, I moved all the wood pile wood off the Alder and rescued a few boards. Next is sawing eight trim blanks.

I have a number of nice, well sharpened Disston and Atkins hand saws and even a Bad Axe Panel saw and 80% of the time I'll use one of the Stanley 26" Hard Point saws. Often on larger joints, like on a work bench, I'll use the Stanley or one of the other hand saws for joinery instead of one of the large back saws. Go figure. 

The other kink, I have room after the bench move to easily set up the saw benches. The saw benches are perfect knee height and rock solid. They even have holes for using hold fasts. In fact they were set up to use tonight. I ended up using the work bench. For some reason I prefer using the work bench for short cutoffs. 


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Making Slow Progress

  Making slow progress on the trash can. Between the day job and Tucson Summer not much is done on any day. I have cleaned up the sides and trimmed the top.

Next up are the two trim pieces. The bottom trim will be attached and form the foot of the trash can. The top trim will be free floating, removable, and hold the trash sack in place. It will also have a lid. The biggest holdup is getting to the wood needed to make the trim. With my usual brilliance and forethought, when I cleaned up the shop after moving the benches I put the Alder on the bottom of the stack and piled the rest of the loose wood on top. Oh well I need the exercise.


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Starting Glue Up

 Not much to see but I've started gluing and nailing the sides. The side with the nails has to be cleaned up prior to nailing. The short sides, with the glue over run will be cleaned up once the glue up is completed.

This will go a little slowly because I want to let the glue set on each butt joint before going to the next.

My first thought was to use hot hide glue with the nails but after thinking about the process I decided on liquid hide glue. Liquid hide glue has a much longer open time vs. hot hide glue plus liquid will stay slightly flexible where hot very quickly becomes almost glass like. With the crude joints, the need to adjust as the nails are installed and the expected adjustment to get every thing close to square, the longer open time becomes important.


Kitchen Trash Can Box

In spite of the heat progress on the kitchen trash can is being made. The sides are cut to size and are ready to be glued and nailed together.


I may take a break, I had forgotten to turn the glue pot on for a couple of days and the glue was spoiled. I have new glue working but it needs to spend a little time hydrating before heating and use. I may use some 'yellow" glue if I get impatient or the other option is some liquid hide glue. I'll have to test my bottle, it has been awhile since the last use.  

Once the box is made all that is left are the upper and lower trim, lid, and a internal step to hold the bottom of the trash bag.

Like I posted earlier, the kitchen trash can should be a two day job that I expect will end up taking close to two weeks. My excuse is it is really hot in the shop and I have a 6 day schedule for my day job next week. 

MsBubba should be happy with it, she likes knots 😅.


Saturday, September 19, 2020

Kitchen Trash Can

 I finally finished moving the shop around, fiddling with the Fillister planes, and every other excuse I could find to delay starting on the kitchen trash cans.

I'm sizing the panels this morning, once all four are sized they will be joined with a simple butt joint, hot hide glue and nails.

I know broken record but every time I use Steve's Try plane I break into a huge grin when wood first meets wood.

The new shop arrangement is really nice, it is good to have both benches placed where they can be worked at the same time by just turning around.

Shop is getting hot. I'm sweating and already smell like a goat, time to take a break.


Friday, September 18, 2020

We are so Fucked

 The title says it all. Unless magic happens we are fucked for at least 20 years.


BBQ Today

With MsBubba in Oregon I'm free to BBQ with no grief. I figure one more Brisket before she comes home.

I started building the coal bed at 0300, by 0600 the coal bed was perfect but the pit, as expected, was too hot. After opening up the fire box with just the coals the pit was down to temp by 0700 and now just needs a log or two to keep it there.

Brisket is on, pit is on temp. it is Miller Time.

The coal bed is good, one log on but I expect it may need two to stay on temp. The secret is to keep the fire box and the vent/chimney open so it does not smoke but gives indirect heat.

And of course a photo of the Brisket that looks just like all the other photos of the Brisket I've published over the years.


Coffee for now, beer and/or whisky as the day progresses. I will start testing internal temp of the clod end of the brisket in about 6 hours and it should reach 195F and be finished in 7 to 8 hours.

A rack of Ribs will go on in an hour or two and I'll dump what Jalapenos I have in the fridge to dry and smoke.

It should be a good day off. 

Wish you'll could be here to sample, wear your masks and be safe, hopefully things work out in November and we make it to January.


OKGuy Removed from "Unplugged Shop"

 Just a note to let you know the Unplugged Shop administer has removed my blog from their site because of a complaint about political content. This was not unexpected because the snowflakes can't face the truth.

It has been a pretty good run with Unplugged Shop, I've made some good friends and enjoyed the back and forth but all things have a life span. My blog will continue because as I have posted it is my journal and is more about my life vs. only woodworking and it will continue being my journal. I hope folks will still stop by, I know I will continue to follow my friends.

See you guys on down the road,


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Moving Fillister

 I have a kitchen trash can to build, the sides are glued up and ready to size. So what do I do? Dig out a couple or three wood stock moving fillister planes to set up. Go figure.

Usually with old fillister planes the cutter and the wedge usually fit unless they are not original with the plane. With out fail if it is an angled cutter the angle on the iron is wrong.

I will usually reference off the cutting side and the plane's mouth with a bevel gauge and then transfer the angle to the iron with a marker. With that I can go to the grinder and correct the angle on the iron.

With this plane the wood screws are binding needing some wax and working back and forth. It is easier to do with the plane disassembled.

This is my favorite style wood stock moving fillister plane:

Some will have a nicker, it is kinda a six to a half dozen as to a knicker or not.


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Bench Move Completed

 I've finished the bench move and have most thing in their place. I'm amazed, surprised, and damn happy with the outcome of the moving. When started I hoped it might open up a little extra room but did not expect it would be much if any. Well chisel breath I couldn't have been more wrong. I have a ton of open space, with open feed line for the power tools, and in general a work space that should increase my efficiency.

Here is an old photo of the shop before the bench move:


A photo from the door area post move:

Another photo this time from the side with sharpening bench in the background:

Looking out the door:


Last photo, from the other end of the bench area:

Some time the magic works, sometimes it doesn't,


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Last of the Bench

Almost everything is in place. Still a ton of clean up work to do and I expect days of going thru the many scrap piles and sending most to the fire pit. But if I clean the tops of the slabs off things are usable and odds are I will return to making MsBubba's trash can in between moving wood to the burn pile. I can live with the mess for awhile.

As always click it to big it. That way you can really see the mess :-).

I'm surprised at how much shop space the move has opened. I figured this was going to be another moving of the deck chairs and maybe an additional 2 sq feet of working area. My guess is I have 80 or more additional sq feet of working area now vs. before. If I can go against my nature and truly clean up the wood storage it could free up and additional 20 to 30 sq feet of work space.

Now if I can resist the urge to build another bench, which BTW was my first thought when I saw how much space I freed up. It is truly a sickness. Bob does tools I do benches and maybe a few tools :-).


Saturday, September 12, 2020

More Bench

 First Photo of Bench in new home:

It is going to work. There is room to work on the bench and I can reach all the tools. My main bench has been moved a good way forward so there is good working space between the benches and there is good room for using the shave horse and/or the saw benches between the benches and the power tools. In addition it opens up the power tool's feed.

For once I may have a small victory in the ten pound/five pound battle.

More photos once everything is in place,