Saturday, January 18, 2020

Made Bread

I made a couple of loafs of bread this morning. One was a thank you for our friend Robyn who did the transport duties last Wednesday. MsBubba is/was in Houston for the first grand kid's Bday so Robyn stepped up to the plate.

My plan for the day was to bake the bread, then prep a couple of the new chisels and when I needed a break from chisel prep to work on saddling the new chair seat. Wrong flour breath, just after putting the bread in the oven I noticed my legs felt heavy and I was out of breath, Damn, damn, damn, I did a quick BP check and my pressure was down and heart rate was just under 100 bpm (my normal is low to mid 60 bpm). Bottom line I'm back in AFib and all the shop plans went out the window.

Monday back to the Doc's for an EKG and I expect go on to plan B.


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Journal Post

As posted before, I use this blog as a journal to record "life" things as well as entries about things that interest me. Seems lately there have been a number of "life" posts. 

I've been in AFib since just before the holidays and my meds have not worked to convert back to a normal sinus rhythm. After an EKG on Friday and another on Monday the Doc's decided to set me up for a Cardioversion Wednesday morning.

MsBubba is in Houston visiting the kids so I've had to impose on a friend (Robyn) to do the transport duties. Bottom line, Hospital by 0700 Wednesday, off to LaLa land and a little electricity, A couple hours latter Robyn will drive me home for the rest of the day off, geeking or watching TV.

BTW, getting old sucks,


Thursday, January 09, 2020

Mentori and Kakuuchi Oiirenomi

The new chisels are Kakuuchi Oiirenomi vs. the more common Mentori Oiirenomi. The biggest difference is the hard steel extends up the side of chisel and there is no bevel on the sides much like a western firmer chisel.

A photo of the two bevels, the Kakuuchi chisel on the right has not been sharpened so it is a little duller looking.

In this photo and the next you can see the bevel of the Mentori vs. no bevel on the Kakuuchi chisel.

The two chisels from the side.

I expect it will take a couple of weeks to prep and sharpen the new chisels, no need to rush things 😇.


New Chisels

The Postman delivered the new chisels from Japan this afternoon. As always if Stan has the tools in stock his turn times are great. I've just unwrapped 'em and had a quick look see and I like what I see. My guess is they will stay in the box for a bit until I can find room in one of the chisel racks.

Whatever, here is a photo of the chisels and the box they came in:

They sure are pretty when new. White Oak is a little stronger than Red Oak but in use it gets pretty groudy.


Wednesday, January 08, 2020


It is a sickness, a sickness I tell you. I emailed Stan the other day to wish him a happy new year and ended up ordering a box of chisels. The chisels should be here in a few days, then I have to find a place to hang 'em. That may be the hardest part of the whole process.

Kakuuchi style chisels are more like a short western firmer chisel where the Oiirenomi is like a bench chisel. I really like firmer chisels so how could I resist.

Anyway photos when they arrive,


Monday, January 06, 2020

MsBubba's Mom Is Dead

We received word MsBubba's Mom Ann died in her sleep last night. Ann was in her mid nineties and has been going down hill for the last several years. Her death has been expected and there is no need for condolences. As I have posted before this blog also serves as my journal and this is a journal entry.

Ann December 2014:

Ann and George:


Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Chair Work, Seat Blank

Working on the seat. Lots of end grain work as well as long grain to get it shaped. Almost all the planes, spoke shaves, in-shaves, travishers, card scrapers, and sharpening stones will come out to play by the time the seat is finished. Of course the first thing to finish will be my arms 👦, I'm such a wuss.

The leg tenons are turned and ready to be fitted once the mortises are drilled.  That may be awhile as I expect the seat will take several days, a bit of whisky, some cussing and a lot of questioning "why in hell did I decide to make the seat out of dry Red Oak".

BTW, this is the first use of the new #3 Clifton, while it is a heavy sucker, it is kinda nice. The old Stanley #3 was chattering a little (I know sharpen it up and/or take a lighter cut) where the Clifton was like a train on the cut.

Hope all had a good New Years eve and here is to an even better New Year.


Monday, December 30, 2019

Working on The Chair

I'm doing a rough turn of the leg tenons, once the seat is mortised I'll clean them up.

I did a mitzvah yesterday and figured there was no better time to ask MsBubba if I could bring the seat and clamps into the house for the glue to set. Overnight should do the job, if so I will start on the seat tomorrow.

My line that started on Friday the 3rd canceled so for now I'm off until next Monday. Things worked out well, two solid weeks off without using a single vacation day. As of last Aug 3rd I have 20 PTO days to use before the coming Aug 3rd and then 20 more. I will at long last hang my scarf and goggles up sometime around the first of 2021. The decision then is part time or just walk. Walking may be hard to do simply because it has been so much of who I am.  Bottom line what that means is I need to use 40 PTO days plus 10 without pay and 2 personal days before the First of 2021. I'm not sure how many sick days are in the mix but they will need to be used as well. 2020 may be a very good year.

Time for a whisky and a movie.


Sharpening Posts Are The Crack Of Woodworking

I have some A2 iron in the shop, there I've said it and I'm so ashamed. But the truth is the truth. I've some LN mortise chisels for two reasons, the first is the square profile and the second is the Hornbeam handles. I've a set of Japanese mortise chisels with square profiles as well, I'm not sure which will end up being my go to set when a square profile is needed and the decision may end up made over sharpening.

Because of the A2 I was looking on the web for sharpening advice and ran across this video, It has nothing to do with sharpening A2 but is the best freehand instructional video I've seen. I've just a small quibble with the secondary bevel portion but that can be overlooked. The video is from Norton hosted by Joel from TFWW with a demo of how to freehand cutters.  Norton video

There is so much misinformation on most sharpening threads it can be like playing “Whack a Mole” to correct ‘em. That’s the bad news, the good is in the end almost anything will work.