Saturday, September 26, 2020

Fitting The Base Trim

 I've started fitting the base/foot trim:


This is where the shop changes are paying off. With the two benches facing each other, on the off bench I have the bench hook for sawing to rough length and next to it is the shooting board for trimming. All I have to do to work between the two benches is to do a 180.

Pretty damn cool.


Friday, September 25, 2020

Sawing The Trim Blanks

Well, I moved all the wood pile wood off the Alder and rescued a few boards. Next is sawing eight trim blanks.

I have a number of nice, well sharpened Disston and Atkins hand saws and even a Bad Axe Panel saw and 80% of the time I'll use one of the Stanley 26" Hard Point saws. Often on larger joints, like on a work bench, I'll use the Stanley or one of the other hand saws for joinery instead of one of the large back saws. Go figure. 

The other kink, I have room after the bench move to easily set up the saw benches. The saw benches are perfect knee height and rock solid. They even have holes for using hold fasts. In fact they were set up to use tonight. I ended up using the work bench. For some reason I prefer using the work bench for short cutoffs. 


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Making Slow Progress

  Making slow progress on the trash can. Between the day job and Tucson Summer not much is done on any day. I have cleaned up the sides and trimmed the top.

Next up are the two trim pieces. The bottom trim will be attached and form the foot of the trash can. The top trim will be free floating, removable, and hold the trash sack in place. It will also have a lid. The biggest holdup is getting to the wood needed to make the trim. With my usual brilliance and forethought, when I cleaned up the shop after moving the benches I put the Alder on the bottom of the stack and piled the rest of the loose wood on top. Oh well I need the exercise.


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Starting Glue Up

 Not much to see but I've started gluing and nailing the sides. The side with the nails has to be cleaned up prior to nailing. The short sides, with the glue over run will be cleaned up once the glue up is completed.

This will go a little slowly because I want to let the glue set on each butt joint before going to the next.

My first thought was to use hot hide glue with the nails but after thinking about the process I decided on liquid hide glue. Liquid hide glue has a much longer open time vs. hot hide glue plus liquid will stay slightly flexible where hot very quickly becomes almost glass like. With the crude joints, the need to adjust as the nails are installed and the expected adjustment to get every thing close to square, the longer open time becomes important.


Kitchen Trash Can Box

In spite of the heat progress on the kitchen trash can is being made. The sides are cut to size and are ready to be glued and nailed together.


I may take a break, I had forgotten to turn the glue pot on for a couple of days and the glue was spoiled. I have new glue working but it needs to spend a little time hydrating before heating and use. I may use some 'yellow" glue if I get impatient or the other option is some liquid hide glue. I'll have to test my bottle, it has been awhile since the last use.  

Once the box is made all that is left are the upper and lower trim, lid, and a internal step to hold the bottom of the trash bag.

Like I posted earlier, the kitchen trash can should be a two day job that I expect will end up taking close to two weeks. My excuse is it is really hot in the shop and I have a 6 day schedule for my day job next week. 

MsBubba should be happy with it, she likes knots 😅.


Saturday, September 19, 2020

Kitchen Trash Can

 I finally finished moving the shop around, fiddling with the Fillister planes, and every other excuse I could find to delay starting on the kitchen trash cans.

I'm sizing the panels this morning, once all four are sized they will be joined with a simple butt joint, hot hide glue and nails.

I know broken record but every time I use Steve's Try plane I break into a huge grin when wood first meets wood.

The new shop arrangement is really nice, it is good to have both benches placed where they can be worked at the same time by just turning around.

Shop is getting hot. I'm sweating and already smell like a goat, time to take a break.


Friday, September 18, 2020

We are so Fucked

 The title says it all. Unless magic happens we are fucked for at least 20 years.


BBQ Today

With MsBubba in Oregon I'm free to BBQ with no grief. I figure one more Brisket before she comes home.

I started building the coal bed at 0300, by 0600 the coal bed was perfect but the pit, as expected, was too hot. After opening up the fire box with just the coals the pit was down to temp by 0700 and now just needs a log or two to keep it there.

Brisket is on, pit is on temp. it is Miller Time.

The coal bed is good, one log on but I expect it may need two to stay on temp. The secret is to keep the fire box and the vent/chimney open so it does not smoke but gives indirect heat.

And of course a photo of the Brisket that looks just like all the other photos of the Brisket I've published over the years.


Coffee for now, beer and/or whisky as the day progresses. I will start testing internal temp of the clod end of the brisket in about 6 hours and it should reach 195F and be finished in 7 to 8 hours.

A rack of Ribs will go on in an hour or two and I'll dump what Jalapenos I have in the fridge to dry and smoke.

It should be a good day off. 

Wish you'll could be here to sample, wear your masks and be safe, hopefully things work out in November and we make it to January.


OKGuy Removed from "Unplugged Shop"

 Just a note to let you know the Unplugged Shop administer has removed my blog from their site because of a complaint about political content. This was not unexpected because the snowflakes can't face the truth.

It has been a pretty good run with Unplugged Shop, I've made some good friends and enjoyed the back and forth but all things have a life span. My blog will continue because as I have posted it is my journal and is more about my life vs. only woodworking and it will continue being my journal. I hope folks will still stop by, I know I will continue to follow my friends.

See you guys on down the road,


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Moving Fillister

 I have a kitchen trash can to build, the sides are glued up and ready to size. So what do I do? Dig out a couple or three wood stock moving fillister planes to set up. Go figure.

Usually with old fillister planes the cutter and the wedge usually fit unless they are not original with the plane. With out fail if it is an angled cutter the angle on the iron is wrong.

I will usually reference off the cutting side and the plane's mouth with a bevel gauge and then transfer the angle to the iron with a marker. With that I can go to the grinder and correct the angle on the iron.

With this plane the wood screws are binding needing some wax and working back and forth. It is easier to do with the plane disassembled.

This is my favorite style wood stock moving fillister plane:

Some will have a nicker, it is kinda a six to a half dozen as to a knicker or not.