Saturday, December 24, 2011

Union Hardware Chisels

Several months ago I bought some Union Hardware Chisels from EBay. I didn't think much about them, in fact I didn't even sharpen them for several weeks after they came. I used the 1" one several times to clean glue lines and other chores, not quite for paint can opening but close. I kept picking it up for odd jobs because it fit my hand so well and was really comfortable to use. It was looking pretty bad with dried glue stuck to it so one day I did a quick lap of the back and a bevel grind ending with a short polish on the hard Arkansas. No real effort but it was sharp for the first time. I was still using it as before but also doing a little clean up and pairing just because it was close and handy, and now sharp. It has taken awhile for me to realize it but damn it is a nice chisel, takes a really sharp edge with little effort, holds the edge well and fits easily in my hand. One of the really nice features is how thin the blade is, it's hard to find newer chisels with thin blades, most seem to be 750 knock-offs.

BTW, picked up a couple Union Hardware Chisels yesterday and I'm on the look out for more.