Friday, February 03, 2012

Krenov Plane

I've needed a good shooting board plane for a while, like every time I use the shooting board, my metal planes are a literal pain to use on the shooting board and I really do not want to spend $500 USD on a shooting plane from LN.

I've been thinking about a Krenov style wood plane and have ordered David Finck's book and have watched Hock's video along with reading some blog posts about making one. Yesterday I had nothing to do, a sharp Hock iron and chipbreaker on the shelf, and a Ash cutoff, so what the hell might as well, with nothing to loose but a day in the shop and maybe a giggle or two at the result I made my first wood plane.

Once Finck's book arrives it will be interesting to see what, if anything I did wrong or could have done better. But whatever, it came out pretty good, shaves like a champ, is light and works well on my shooting board. My metal ones may start gathering dust.

BTW, I need to remember to document the build as well as the finish.