Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Houston for the Holidays

 We left Harris Beach and Oregon for Tucson December 1st. arriving home on 12/03. The first travel day was short, less than 300 miles mostly because once past Clear Lake, CA there wasn't a good overnight spot in a reasonable distance. The second day was over 500 miles with a RON in a rest area just past Mohave, CA on Hwy 58. Third day while long was easy with all but ninety or so miles good Freeway and smooth road. 

It was interesting how much the desert can grow in 6 months. We only had 20 days to get ready for leaving again, most of which was spent cutting trees and brush back. What a PITA. 

I did a little woodworking, if you can call it that. Some friends (Fred and Pattie) are staying in our driveway and wanted a tchotchke shelf for the back of their RV.

 Tchotchke shelf in place:


We have been gone from Houston for about 18 years and I know a lot can happen over that time frame but even so I'm blown away by the change every time we return. The first is just the shear distances covered, as an example: from city center to where the Grand Parkway crosses I-10 is close to 30 miles. If I remember correctly the circumference of a circle is defined as 2XPiXR. Anyway roughly the length of the the Parkway is somewhere close to 150 miles or with no traffic about 3 hours to drive around. The other is the amount of money there, as the saying goes everything is bigger in Texas.

One last thing: the last time we were in Houston the boy child came down with Covid, this time the son in law has Covid. Last time with no vaccine it ran us back home to Tucson thru a Winter storm. This time with both of us fully vaccinated we will stay for the full time planned. 

See you on down the road,