Saturday, June 20, 2015

On The Road

We are in Houston so MsBubba can babysit the new and only grandkid. Me, I'm just here to drive the truck. I'll head back to Tucson Sunday or Monday for nine straight sitting in a black box. Then the last week of July it is back on the road to the PNW.

Long way to; Not a lot of shop time for a couple of months. So many projects so little time.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Some New Rust

I'm not much of a rust hunter anymore, I figure I'd rather work wood than speng my time re-habing old tools. But sometimes a box of rust calls my name too sweetly to resist.  The local Woodcraft had a box of planes a guy had dropped off, he wanted to sell the lot. I made an offer even though the only one of the bunch I wanted was the type 9 #41/2.

BTW, all the planes except the #91/2 were in very good condition and you could tell from how they were sharpened used by a worker that knew how to sharpen.

I'm on the road with just a iPad and not a clue how to post a photo. Will maybe post one later.


I've posted before on the importance of this date and how as a nation it should have a place along side the 4th. This year's Juneteenth is a sad day showing just how far we have to go to meet the ideal of who we are.

We had a chance of removing this cancer in the 60's but it was given a home and allowed to thrive. May Nixon's soul burn in Hell. Damn sometimes I wish I believed.