Saturday, February 19, 2022

Swap Meet

 The local WoodCraft holds a parking lot swap meet several times a year. The one today was lightly attended by both vendors and buyers. If I'm in town I will show up with one of my workbenches, a knock-down shave horse, some chisels and whatever else catches my eye. I had one at least semi-serious inquire on building a horse which is encouraging because most of the time it is "What is that thing?" and when you tell them you use it to make chair legs and spindles they look at you like "wow, this is one weird dude". 

Here are some of the vendors:

My area with the portable Moravian and the Shave:

 While it was a little slow I did manage to sell a little over $300 USD of chisels and diamond plates. The chisel buyers got a hell of a deal, each chisel was sharpened when sold.


Thursday, February 10, 2022

Space Needed To Store a Moravian Bench

 No photos of mine stored (too much crap to move) but I was able to measure the floor space needed. My bench slab is ~21" wide with an additional 3" tool tray for a total of just under 24". The length is 70" not that it matters in reference to needed floor space. With everything apart and stored properly the whole package is a hair over 22" deep. If my math chops haven't totally deserted me, it takes just under 4 sqft of floor space to store a broken down Moravian bench.


Saturday, February 05, 2022

Up On The Back Side Of The Clock

 Sleep patterns can be strange, or at least different from individual to individual. I've never had a "normal" sleep need or pattern. A few hours at whatever time I feel the need works while MsBubba is more traditional. I can sleep in a LazyBoy thru strobe lights flashing and a CJ610 doing power check run-ups with no problem. Opening the door with a "nightlight" on in the hallway will wake MsBubba enough that she can't go back to sleep. 

Enough of the set up, I'm up looking at "political sites" at 0300 and being the weekend not much was new or posted so I stumbled over to You Tube and woodworking. The first thing up was "Four Things You Get Wrong" when building a work bench or something like that. Here is a link: Workbench

He has some good advice, not quite correct on a few things but overall a good video. It reminds me that I should build an English bench as well as a Scandinavian bench.


Thursday, February 03, 2022

Photos of the RV Bath

 Bob asked for photos of the RV's bath refurbish. They are not very interesting and it is a shame there are no "before" photos.

From the bedroom door:

From the Kitchen door:

Not a lot was done, painted where there had been wall paper, new sink and fixture, new "potty" seat. Exciting no? BTW, the step stool by the cabinet is one of a half dozen or so I made several years ago. By blind ass luck it just fits under the vanity door and along the wall. 

There are a couple of additional things to fix once the motorhome makes it to the shop. 

The RV business must be pretty good, the first open shop space is March 2nd. I tried another shop and their first opening is in April.  

See you guys on down the road,