Thursday, February 10, 2022

Space Needed To Store a Moravian Bench

 No photos of mine stored (too much crap to move) but I was able to measure the floor space needed. My bench slab is ~21" wide with an additional 3" tool tray for a total of just under 24". The length is 70" not that it matters in reference to needed floor space. With everything apart and stored properly the whole package is a hair over 22" deep. If my math chops haven't totally deserted me, it takes just under 4 sqft of floor space to store a broken down Moravian bench.



  1. Cool, thanks for the numbers. Not that I expect storing it often broken down to parade state, but ill know how much room in my truck, and inside an appt.
    I have made good progress clearing the existing wall bench i should have some more ideas of the space available. Need also to determined its length. 6 ft may be a tad too long, perhaps 5 ft?

    Bob with piles of wood to put somewhere else....

  2. Even at 4 square feet it is still quite low.
    A workmate uses about 2 square feet and is far than having the same qualities (even if it has been useful for me sometimes).

  3. The one I made for the son was delivered wit an Opel Astra Caravan. Opel Astra was sold as Saturn Astra in North America. No problem if you don't have a passenger on the right seat but only one behind the driver. The back of the back seat can be lowered in half allowing transport of long items with the back of the front seat fully reclined.

  4. Guys,

    Good, I hope the info helps. I'm looking at one of my shop sized Moravian's thinking about converting it from a wood screw to a BC metal screw with a criss-cross. It is taking some butt scratching because the space between the slab and lower stretcher is a little short but I think it is doable.

    BTW, I use the stored Moravian just like a WorkMate, it is very little more trouble to set up and much more capable.

    I counted four Moravian benches in the shop three on the floor and one stored. Add in the French/English bench on the East wall and there is little space for another. As much as I'd like to build another bench (things I'd like to try) there ain't no way until one or two of the current benches go away.

    ken, still trying to get the shop organized enough to work in. A quick exit for 7 months will leave a hell'of a mess to clean up.

  5. Will Myers has two blogs about the criss-cross on the Moravian:

    There is a shorter version of the criss-cross. If one want to use the lake Erie screw on an existing Moravian, one has to move the vise nearer to the center (to the right for most of us). Extra thickness is needed for the chop and back board.

    The Moravian I made for the son was higher than on the plan, so there is a greater vertical distance between the long stretcher and the top. But anyway i don't see him spending that money on a criss-cross in a near future.

    1. Sylvain,

      I have one bench with the BC 14" crisscross and classic screw, as Myers posted it works "slicker than snot". While I have loved wood screw leg vices with a parallel guide, the truth is they do not compare to the BC set up in either holding power or speed and ease of use.