Saturday, February 19, 2022

Swap Meet

 The local WoodCraft holds a parking lot swap meet several times a year. The one today was lightly attended by both vendors and buyers. If I'm in town I will show up with one of my workbenches, a knock-down shave horse, some chisels and whatever else catches my eye. I had one at least semi-serious inquire on building a horse which is encouraging because most of the time it is "What is that thing?" and when you tell them you use it to make chair legs and spindles they look at you like "wow, this is one weird dude". 

Here are some of the vendors:

My area with the portable Moravian and the Shave:

 While it was a little slow I did manage to sell a little over $300 USD of chisels and diamond plates. The chisel buyers got a hell of a deal, each chisel was sharpened when sold.


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