Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tru Oil

Finished the little box today along with taking care of MsOK and shop maintenance. The box was 'because", mostly because I hadn't cut a set of dove tails in awhile.

I picked up a small bottle of Tru Oil several weeks ago and because this box is a "What scraps can I find to saw some dovetails and maybe if there are enough put a lid on a box" box. I tried the Tru Oil, it's OK. I expect if I used several coats with rubbing out after each coat set it would look very nice. As this is a because box one coat is about it and with just one coat Tru Oil is nothing to get excited about.

I did some tool maintenance along with the shop maintenance, got careless with the 4 1/2's iron and took a slice off the end of my left thumb right after it was sharpened. Nice thing about sharp iron, you do not know you're cut until you see the blood flowing. I still had the glue pot hot. A little hot hide glue and a paper towel stopped the flow fairly quickly.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Grinding Station

I set up a new Grinding station today. Picked up a CBN wheel the other day, Amazon delivered a Tormek grinder jig, I added a couple of hunks of ply and I have a new faster way to grind the bevel. Is it better than the T-7, we will see but one thing is for sure....It's faster.

The Tormek BGM-100 kit is worth the money, it has everything you need except the ply:


Making a Small Box This AM

I hadn't cut a dovetail in a couple of weeks, can't let that happen too often for too long. I think it was Ralph that said if it has been some time between now and the last time you did a procedure you had better do a couple of practice joints before doing one for keeps.

Anyway if you pick your woods, in this case Maple and Spanish Cedar, you can hide a lot of rust. I've some Walnut already trued that will make the top and bottom. Still, bottom line it's going to be a "second" and will end up in the gift pile.

The box in progress:

I'll start rough dimensioning the bath vanity this afternoon, that and shop maintenance should take care of today. One of the shop maintenance items will be setting up the new CBN wheel with a Tormek tool rest/chisel-plane iron jig.

I like the Tormek for the precision and cool cutting but it is, as is well known, slow. The CBN wheel works reasonably cool and is much faster. While I keep the Shaptons available I'm always trying to get away from water.  BTW, I still love me some oil stones but they are slow, will not work well with all my chisels, and need a strop to finish.

The CBN wheel and Spyderco stone, which will cut any tool iron, will allow me to eliminate water for 90/95% of my sharpening and requires no more stone maintenance than oil stones.

That's the plan.

Number 5 Sized Planes

Continuing to document my tools. Photographed on the new coffee table with Sam the Wonder Dog guarding them in his usual alert fashion.

From left to right: A shop made Beech Krenov style with a Veritas single tapered iron, a LN with a PM-V11 iron, a type 11 Stanley with a heavy cambered OEM iron, another type 11 Stanley with Stanley iron, a type 9 Stanley with OEM iron, a Woodriver with PM-V11 iron, and a Tsunesaburo 70mm with a Swedish Sandvik carbon steel iron.  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Dirty Fat Girl is For Sale

There is a time for all things in life. A time to do and a time to stop. It is time to stop riding motorcycles. I've been on the cusp for a little over a year, it has been such a big part of my life I didn't know how I would take just walking away so I've put off the finial decision. This last week I was helped to that decision by a client who needed "The Conversation". Telling someone they are too old and no longer have the skills to fly is one of the hardest things we do....It's hard for the client, it's hard for the instructor. I have never wanted to impose the duty on anyone. I walked away from flying seven years ago, a job that let this dumb West Texas farm boy see more of the world and do things that most never see or do. It was a good life. My riding has also been a good life, I've done things I've always wanted to do e.g. riding coast to cost in less than 50 hours, going to Sturges with good friends, and other long rides through day and night in all weather and conditions from 13 degrees at night to 118 degrees mid afternoon through Death Valley. It has been great but it is now time to hang up my Motoport and Shoei for the last time.

As the title of this post says, The Dirty Fat Girl is for sale. She is a '08 Goldwing with less than 90,000 miles, built for Rallies and long distance riding in all weather. Some of the major mods are: Mega Monte Traxxon suspension, Phillps 4G HID running lights, three Garmin GPS, radar detector with laser shifter and screamer, trailer hitch, Windbender with farkel shelf and rake kit, new heated seat, Centramatic wheel balancers, reading light, TPMS. to name a few of the useful mods. There will also be lots of accessories for sale including three Motoport Kelvar riding suits, a couple of Fox Creek leather jackets, and many boots, helmets, heated undergear and other stuff.

The price for The Dirty Fat Girl is fair for both the seller and the buyer and is firm at $12000 USD.

From the front:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Number 4 Sized Planes

Damn there is a herd of those suckers.

From left to right:LN #4 with LV PM-V11 iron, LN 41/2 with Veritas O-1iron, Type 9 Stanley with Hock O-1, Veritas Smoother with PM-V11, shop made Beech stock with Veritas tapered single iron, a type 13 Stanley with Hock O-1, a Record #4 with Hock O-1, The Record #4 was the first "good' plane I acquired back in the mid 70's, then a type 13 Stanley's with a PM-V11 iron, and last a early (could be a type 9) Stanley Frankenplane with a small adjustment knob and Woodriver iron.


It, insanity, happens when I have more than two days off in a row with nothing but shop time planned. For some reason I think if I just stir it around some more I can fit ten pounds of poop into that metaphorical five pound bag. I keep trying but the results are mostly the same.

I did a total re-arrange of the machine area of the shop today. Bottom line there is too much stuff in not enough space and no amount of moving it around will change that fact by much but today's changes did give the machine area or at least the area between the machines and the bench area a more open feel. That's about all I can hope for.

Here's a bad photo looking into the shop.

Along the east wall, to the right side of the table saw, is a walk way and wood storage. the good news most of the machine work is with the jointer and planer and they have more space for working than they had with the old arrangement.

I've been thinking about this change for several months and while not a big improvement I think it will make for an easier work flow.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Planes #3 Sized

Over on the Sawmill Creek forum is a thread to show your working planes. I've posted most of these images there. While posting I started thinking about having a record of my wood working tools for insurance purposes and where would be a good place to store that record. This blog drew the short straw.

I'll try to keep the boredom level as low as possible but over the next several weeks there will be posts with photographs of my tools starting with my #3 sized working planes.

From left to right: A shop made Krenov style smoother with a Hock O1 iron, a type 13 Stanley with a Hock O1 iron, a V3 Woodriver with a Vertias O1 iron, a post war Stanley with a Hock O1 iron, another Krenov style smoother also with Hock O1 iron, and last a Philly Coffin Smoother with a O1 single iron. Of this group I use the first Krenov and the Woodriver more than the others. The Philly smoother is new and still getting over the shock of moving from the UK to the desert. Once it stops doing stupid wood tricks I expect it will be one of the go to smoothers.

BTW, they are setting on the back side of a Walnut coffee table top that was still being flattened. The front side was almost finished, I used a LN #8 on it and the #8 kicked my butt, I got smart on the back side and dug out the woody, so much better. I do love me some wood stock planes.

After getting most of the high spots down with the woody I used a type 9 Stanley #8 with a Hock O1 iron and chip breaker to finish the job. The LN planes are beautiful and work superbly but damn they are heavy and on something like this slab of table top the weight will turn old arms and backs to jello.  Once the table top was flattened and smoothed the Krenov woody pictured above left was used to relive the bottom edge to give a lighter look to the coffee table. I've no better plane for that type of job because of its light weight and the plane's shape allows using both hands and working in either direction.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Coffee Table Finished

The coffee table is finished. Well almost, I still have to attach the top which I will do tomorrow. I've had enough fun for today, my back is yelling No Mas No Mas followed by Cerveza Por Favor.  I think I'm going to listen.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Walnut Glue Up

I did the coffee table top glue up yesterday after work. Pulled it out of the clamps this AM and have started the clean up. I was pulled away before I could wipe down the "runners" and of course paying the price today. I have to learn to say "wait a minute".

Even with the PITA glue clean up it shouldn't take too long to finish the top and make the mortise buttons. I expect a couple or three coats of Tried and True with Bee's Wax for the finish and I can walk away from it and on to the next.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Coffee Table Base

The coffee table base is pegged and waiting a little top rail clean up and the top. Sorry Ralph, no photos of the draw boring as there wasn't much to photograph. A bath vanity is next on the list of honeydos, I'll try to remember and document each step of the draw boring process. BTW, on the long stretchers I used the draw bore pins to get everything tight and alined, it was easier than using long clamps. For the short stretchers clamps were easier.

It's in the den just to get it out of the way, back out to the shop later to finish cleanup and finishing before adding the top.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Coffee Table Short Rows

The coffee table base has been dry fitted, the draw bore holes drilled, and I've started chopping the twelve button mortises in the stretchers. Once the button mortises are finished the stretchers and the legs need final shaping and smoothing before pegging that sucker together.

I've some very nice 6/4 Walnut for the top and maybe a couple of days off this weekend to finish the top.  The coffee table could be doing coffee table duties by sometime next week.

I've SWMBO entertainment duties the following weekend before starting the next couple of projects; a bath vanity for my bathroom and a tall side board for the dining room. So many project, so little time.

Of course so little time could be because of the shop "black hole effect", as one of MsOK's friends put it "everything goes it but nothing comes out".