Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tru Oil

Finished the little box today along with taking care of MsOK and shop maintenance. The box was 'because", mostly because I hadn't cut a set of dove tails in awhile.

I picked up a small bottle of Tru Oil several weeks ago and because this box is a "What scraps can I find to saw some dovetails and maybe if there are enough put a lid on a box" box. I tried the Tru Oil, it's OK. I expect if I used several coats with rubbing out after each coat set it would look very nice. As this is a because box one coat is about it and with just one coat Tru Oil is nothing to get excited about.

I did some tool maintenance along with the shop maintenance, got careless with the 4 1/2's iron and took a slice off the end of my left thumb right after it was sharpened. Nice thing about sharp iron, you do not know you're cut until you see the blood flowing. I still had the glue pot hot. A little hot hide glue and a paper towel stopped the flow fairly quickly.


  1. Ken does Tru Oil darken with age?

  2. Ralph,

    It might but I expect that is about it. I put a coat of my old standard Tried and True with Bee's wax later and it looks much better....The box is still a second but I'd wanted to try the Tru Oil and I did. I will say I can see using Tru Oil for a first coat because it is very thin and goes on easily, then following with the Tried and True.


  3. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Tru Oil works very well with 2-3 coats. You can't diss a product because you did not use it the right way. No offense meant :)
    Bruce Mack

  4. Bruce,

    Sorry if you took my post as dissing Tru Oil. I thought I made clear that this was a "seconds" box that I wasn't putting much effort into and that I expected if used for several coats with rub outs it would look much better. I just added the Tried and True as a quick fix. But I would not expect it to darken the wood much more than it has.

    Again sorry if you took the post as negative, it wasn't meant that way,


  5. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Ken, I'm sorry my tone was off.

  6. Bruce,

    No problem, I'm with you, I hate to see folks knocking a product without a good test.