Sunday, February 28, 2021

Still Here

 This is the start of my last four weeks with FSI and I expect the last four weeks of full time employment. It has been busy but with little time for the shop, I hope that changes once March is in the rear view mirror.

Some of the things taking time are installing a WiFi booster and cell phone booster in the Motorhome. I figured both would be pretty simple, an afternoon project with plenty of time for a whisky or two. As with most projects it hasn't gone as planned, lots of butt scratching and I'm still not sure either are working correctly. 

I still haven't found time to put the greenhouse together but the other time killer is getting the spring/summer grow started from seeds. Like Guy Clark said: "There are only two things money can't buy, true love and homegrown tomatoes".

Shop things are mostly cleaning, repairing things for MsBubba, and getting all our knifes sharp. 

It is time to hang up the monkey suit and move on to the next stage of life. I've lived a charmed life and have enjoyed each stage as it happened. I expect the same from this final stage.


Sunday, February 07, 2021

Plow Planes

 Bob over at The Valley Woodworker posted a good write up on plow planes. As I replied to his post I have a major plow plane jones. Here are some of my plows:

From the other side:

From left to right:

1. Unknown Maker

2. Auburn

3. Auburn

4. Sandusky, my favorite user

5. Edward Carter Troy, NY, used almost as often as the Sandusky

6. Unknown Maker, good user

7. W. Greenslade Bristol, good user

There are several more stuck around the shop but most of 'em need work so they are good dust collectors.

BTW, click 'em to big 'em.


Tuesday, February 02, 2021


For the last couple of weeks I've worked in the shop almost every day but mostly doing house keeping and sharpening of tools and kitchen knifes. The Tormek is worth the note just for sharpening knifes, it does a great job, very easy and quick. I've also found by using the small knife jig it works a treat on shavespoke cutters. I have a low speed grinder with a CBN wheel and while the Tormek is slower than the grinder by the time you stop to cool the cutter several times the time to shaped is about the same or even faster with no danger of overheat.  In spite of my love/hate for the Tormek it is a keeper.

The woodworking has been making kitchen tools, I'm lucky MsBubba's favorite wooden tool is a very simple spatula (bottom row of the photo).

 There is a ton of work to do on the Motorhome to be ready for the Oregon trip, while it is several months away I can see a last minute rush in my future. There are also the decisions on what tools to take, which to leave, and finding room to fit the final kit. It is good the month of May is all PTO, the only question is do I work in June if called.