Thursday, February 03, 2022

Photos of the RV Bath

 Bob asked for photos of the RV's bath refurbish. They are not very interesting and it is a shame there are no "before" photos.

From the bedroom door:

From the Kitchen door:

Not a lot was done, painted where there had been wall paper, new sink and fixture, new "potty" seat. Exciting no? BTW, the step stool by the cabinet is one of a half dozen or so I made several years ago. By blind ass luck it just fits under the vanity door and along the wall. 

There are a couple of additional things to fix once the motorhome makes it to the shop. 

The RV business must be pretty good, the first open shop space is March 2nd. I tried another shop and their first opening is in April.  

See you guys on down the road,



  1. Thanks for the pics :-)
    That little stool which fit by luck, look like dovetailed. Nice.

    Bob awaiting his snowblower back from shop, I'll need it...

    1. Bob,

      Good eye. I build several of them 10 or so years ago. All with dovetailed legs and top with a thru mortises stretcher. Sturdy and handy little suckers. I gave away a few but still have several scattered around the house.

      What is this "snowblower" of which you speak :-).

      We had a "hard freeze" two nights in a row, down to 28F wed. and 30F last night. I need to move farther South.