Saturday, January 29, 2022

Working on the Motorhome

 Not much time for woodworking it is needed by the motorhome. The first of the week project was repair of one of the bedroom's cabinets. Up in Oregon this Summer, on one of the times the bedroom slide was cycled it pulled the bedside cabinet apart. Wasn't a way to fix it in Oregon, it had to wait until we were home. Once home my job was to either build a new cabinet or repair the old one. After pulling the old cabinet out and a little butt scratching the repair of the old one looked like the way to go. It turned out to be pretty easy other than a lot of put it back in, then pull it out trying to figure out how it worked and needed to be attached to the slide. Once the process was figured out it was an easy and quick job to finish.

Next is a bathroom refurbish, it is still ongoing but mostly complete. I'm trying to find a replacement sink but expect we will live with the old one. New water taps are waiting to be installed as is the potty seat and lid. We pulled the old wallpaper off and painted the walls a nice clean cream. The place looks pretty inviting now.

The motorhome trash can build is still to come. 



  1. Motorhome are just like regular homes, needing ongoing maintenance.
    Me I am planning an emergency power generation system. Been here 11 years never lost power more than a few minutes, in the past 2 weeks alone, lost it 3 times for about 10 hrs each times. I use a small portable, electric start generator need better way to hook up.
    In progress...


    1. Bob,

      Forgive me if I've posted this before. Yep, motorhomes are just like regular homes except they live thru an earthquake and a hurricane every mile traveled. I love traveling in one but :-). I'll try to remember a photo or two.

      Several years ago my best friend needed a back up generator for his wife's Vet clinic. He found the most cost effective way to go about it was to sign up as a dealer. It's been years but if I remember correctly he had to buy three units for the discount, which he did. He ended up forming a emergency generator sales and installation company that he ran as a sideline (his day job is a pilot for American) for several years until it grew enough to have several full time employees. A few years ago he sold the company to the employees. Not saying you need to come out of retirement but it could be something to look into :-).