Saturday, January 08, 2022

Headed Back To Tucson In AM

 We are being run out of Houston by Covid. It is time to go home anyway but For the second year in a row Covid has dictated our return home.  The good news is a good WX window for the trip home unlike last time driving thru a Winter freezing rain storm.

While both MsBubba and I have had three pokes and are reasonably protected it is still something to avoid. If the nutters would also get the vaccine and wear the damn masks odds are this country would be out of the pandemic. But then if pigs could fly...

We spent 7 months of the last year living in a 34'X8' box and some way some how we are still speaking to each other. It has been enjoyable but I expect this year we will cut it back to 3 or 4 months max. The main thing is to get out of Tucson for the Summer.

I've lot of shop projects ahead. One of the first is a smaller version of the kitchen trash can for the RV. Then some cabinet work in the RV's bedroom and replacing both the bathroom and kitchen faucets.




  1. Spending time living in tight quarters exercise the strength of your relationship. First time we spent a month aboard we were surprised to see how much happy we were together and understood this will be the case whatever happens, wherever it could be.
    Up here covid situation is only worthening day after day, like everywhere I guess. One of my concern, beside our health, is about what will be left from our society after this, so many divisions, so many anger between people.It is a pitty to see all this result in a question of who is and who is not...
    Take care and be safe.

    Lionel, -26C this morning but what a pleasure to watch the sun rising.

    1. Lionel,

      I'm not sure but it seems once folks cross north of the 49th parallel they gain 20 IQ points. I read that Quebec requires proof of vaccination to buy alcohol or marijuana. Problem solved.

      I think our sunrise was also around 26C but without the minus sign.


  2. Ah yes, staying in close quarters and renovating a house are good ways to test a relationship :-)
    welcome back home soon, this COVID shit show could had been over by now if it wasnt for social media influences over gullible peoples.

    Bob, who sometimes despair about humanity's

  3. Bob,

    Funny you mention, Cancer repair and paint on the south and west facing walls, then paint and some cabinet upgrade in the kitchen to follow once the motor home is put to bed.

    I'd lose the "sometimes",