Friday, June 19, 2015


I've posted before on the importance of this date and how as a nation it should have a place along side the 4th. This year's Juneteenth is a sad day showing just how far we have to go to meet the ideal of who we are.

We had a chance of removing this cancer in the 60's but it was given a home and allowed to thrive. May Nixon's soul burn in Hell. Damn sometimes I wish I believed.


  1. i hear ya. a pal of sadness draped over me today and despair of no end in sight.

    -adam of oakland, ca

    1. Richard Nixon with the help of Roger Ailes, who runs Fox News for Rupert Murdoch. Fox and other outlets are falling all over themselves avoiding the word Racism when talking about this terrible event saying it's an attack on Christianity. A lot of the talking heads on TV and radio saying these things get paid millions to do so. So much of the bad stuff that happens in this country is tied to racism and it is completely ignored.

  2. Thanks Guys,

    As this blog has changed over the years I've tried to stay away from some subjects but.....I use to say "No problem, I'll be dead before it gets too bad". I'm not so sure anymore.

    Anyway, once home I'll be back on my meds,