Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Abortion Not Just a Woman's Issue

This is a re-post from June 2019, I expect it is also one of the reasons my blog was removed from the "Unplugged Shop" web site. I'm re-posting because as the title states "Abortion Not Just a Woman's Issue" and legal, safe, abortion is in danger. Even more than it was in 2019.


I was working nights as a Medical Lab Technician and days at the airport twisting wrenches to pay for my flying. I was close to finishing up my CFI so I could take the first step toward becoming a professional pilot. My future wife (FW) was working nights that Summer as a nurse’s aide at the same hospital. I can’t say we met cute but it wasn’t long before we were an item. She was in the UT’s nursing school, I made a lot of trips to Austin that Fall before she transferred to UT Galveston. Neither one of us had a penny to spare but some way we found enough money to be together.

A little back story: Roe v Wade wasn’t decided until Jan 1973. For a couple of years in the late 1960’s I was a very unsuccessful Medical supply salesman but I did have one important client a “Doctor Brown” who had an office in downtown Houston on Milam St. While I never met Dr. Brown I supplied his office with the best medical equipment money could buy and got to know his office nurse well. As you can guess Dr. Brown took care of the rich and well connected Southeast Texans with an inconvenient pregnancy. I wasn’t rich or well connected but I did know his office nurse. 

Shortly after transferring to Galveston, FW found out she was pregnant. We knew by then we were going to marry but not until FW had finished school and had her BS in nursing. I was working two jobs, day and night to pay the rent and finish my flight training. Neither of us could finish our school or training if we married and had a baby. The problem was abortion was illegal, I did know Dr. Brown’s nurse and after much “what do we do” I went to her. Yes FW could get a safe abortion but it would cost $600. Two kids without an extra penny to their name having to come up with $4000 in today’s dollars was devastating. Someway we did it, today I’m not sure how but we did.

If we hadn’t our lives would be ruined, two people that because of an illegal abortion were able to live productive lives. FW went on to a PhD in nursing and I was to have a mildly successful forty year career flying corporate aircraft ending up on a Gulfstream GIV flying almost everywhere in the world before retiring to instruct other corporate pilots.

I’m telling this story because it is imperative that we keep abortion legal, safe, and cheap. FW and I were lucky because by chance I knew a safe abortion provider before Roe v Wade. At that time not many at our social level were so lucky. My and FW’s story is just one of millions then and now and anyone trying to take us back to before Roe v Wade is a cruel and heartless panty sniffing prig of an SOB.

Vote as if your life and your kid's life depend on it, because it does.




  1. Wow, hard to believed that we are going back in time.
    Abortions, equal pay, humans rights, wars, all seems to take a back seat these days.
    Why, why, why? Cant we all get along after all these blip blip years??

    Hopefully in this famous case, dignity and common sense will prevail.
    This is the 21st century, but old habits dies hard...

    Bob, who never understood this bias. Whit out women we have no future. hello...

    1. Bob,

      The States, or I should say our RWNJ's (Right Wing Nut Jobs) live the common Russian joke where someone is granted a wish as is his neighbor. The punch line is the neighbor's wish is to take away the first person's wish.

      I turned 79 this year, that's the bad news, the good, maybe I'll be dead soon or at least before the States goes totally off the rails.

      On that happy note: We leave for the Oregon Coast in a few weeks for 4 months of beauty and peace.

      Take care,


  2. I remember key moments of that decision and lead up. Since then we went through a stillbirth and miscarriage, both life threatening, devastating to us and still sad to think of. What is heinous is the filth that would "righteously" call these tragic events murder.

    1. Bruce,

      Thank you. I know it will not happen but we need not just more telling but everyone telling their story. I'm too old for it to matter and our kids have just passed the reproduction stage of their life but I do have two grandsons and a granddaughter.

      To use the phrase the asshole Investment Bankers (I flew and kept safe for 20+ years)and Republican assholes use today: "I have skin in the game". I do not want my grandkids to grow up in the world I did.

      BTW, I hate that fucking phrase. It makes my skin crawl.