Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Lower Stretchers

 While moving some of the wood pile to make room for the Moravian Bench I came across a couple of lower stretchers for a small Moravian. All they need to finish is chopping the mortise for the wedges. I'm not sure why the stretchers were in the wood pile instead of holding the base units of a Moravian bench apart. My best guess is they are European Beech, be a shame to use them to hold apart a couple of construction grade base units.

That said, I have a BenchCrafted screw and 14" crisscross along with a Will Myers tail vise stored under one of the benches. It wouldn't cost much to make a couple of base units and a glue-up slab out of 2X12 DF. It wouldn't cost much but would be a shame to pair with the Beech stretchers.


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