Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Moravian Bench Stored

I had a reason to use the portable Moravian Bench in the back garden last week. I figured while I had it out it would be a good time to change its storage location in the shop. This also allowed easy measurement of floor space required and a photograph of the bench stored.

Moravian in its new spot:

The spot is ~19" deep and just under 22" wide, if my math is close that comes to ~2.8 sq'.

If I didn't work wood I wouldn't know I needed a portable Moravian bench, but I do work wood so I know how handy and easy to store, carry, set up and break down a Moravian bench is. Knowing what I know, even if I never build anything out of wood again but lived in a house or apartment I can not imagine living without my Moravian.

Almost as easy as a "WorkMate" but an order of magnitude better and more useful.

BTW, if I ever build another it will have a BenchCrafted metal screw with the 14" crisscross for the vise. The BC system takes less room and I think lighter than a wood screw with guide plus is just slicker than snot.

Not long till we leave for Summer on the Oregon coast.  

See you on down the road,



  1. "an order of magnitude better"
    At least...

    1. Thanks Sylvain,

      Every home should have one.