Friday, June 24, 2022

Life Changes

 As you may have noticed there are few posts about working wood lately. Life is funny: While working full time I had plenty of time to build work benches and furniture, retire and it ain't so. 

Spending a good part of the year in a motorhome, and what's left catching up on things undone while gone, leaves little time to build things. All that is to say the blog will change, not much woodworking, mostly about my and MsBubba's life in this upside down fucked up world but tempered with things that give hope and joy.

I hope some of you will hang around and enjoy the ride. See you on down the road.



  1. This post deserves a comment. "Comment"
    I am pretty sure "... tempered with things that give hope and joy. ..." is admission to watching 50+ years spoil and be flushed away by poisoned trash. I think my seeing cooler temperatures tomorrow, 93 down to 70, is worth a cheer. But, it needs to happen first.

    1. Bruce,

      Watching what has happen has been tough. I keep thinking and hoping the coming generations will pull our fat out of the fire, but that is just a hope with little expectation.


  2. Welcome to retirement life. Isn't funny how perspective changes when retired? You go from working flat out to make ends meet with the expectation that you would be able to slow down and enjoy life... Then you quickly realize: Holy shit, where did I ever found time to go to work before :-) My last day at work, turned in IDs and go out the door a civilian was 19 Jul 2013, almost 10 years. Been a tad busy ever since :-) Too much lately, at the rate my friends are passing on, I am getting worry I would never have enough time to finished everything I want to do before my No is up. So I quitted most of my obligations around. Still a member but no longer have executive's duty in my Rotary club, did not reoffer my board position on my local hospital foundation, and other executives duties in small clubs around (gardening woodworking etc), just a member in the back of the bus :-)
    Even so, it still is a race to the bucket list ends.
    One thing on my list is to share a drink and shoot the shit about life with you two's. Meanwhile, time ebbs on.. Working on my list is apparently a full time job in itself. :-)

    To the pleasure of meeting you both someday, somewhere
    Bob and Jean

    1. Bob,

      "...Holy shit, where did I ever found time to go to work before :-)" Ain't that the truth. I hope we can share a drink and a few "there I waz" stories before there are no more stories to share.


      ken and pat