Saturday, December 31, 2022

Bubba 1

 I'm doing most of my posting on Bubba 1. The Bubba 1 site is a general subject site with an emphasis on my Cannabis grows but also some woodworking, politics, and a daly journal. The reason for the change is I haven't been doing or writing about as much woodworking as was the case with OK Guy.

If you have any interest in the ins and outs of homegrown come on over to Bubba 1, I'm having fun being a gentleman farmer. When I started growing I had no clue how easy it could be to grow and at the same time how quickly you could fuck it up. If you want to get into the weeds of growing grass there is so much to know I could spend the rest of my life learning. 

Here in Arizona I can legally grow 6 Cannabis plants per person per household. With a simple set up, just cheap LED lights, some grow bags, potting soil, and seeds from a good seed bank, no grow room or tent required, you can easily harvest 2 to 4 or more oz of bud per plant. With retail cost/oz around $300USD growing weed is one of the few hobbies that can save you money.  It is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying wood and tools these days.



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    Thanks, same to you.


  2. Finally, you are back up :-) Been doing a deep dive into growing lights and the confusion about comparing apples to bananas, lots of misleading claims. The science is still evolving.
    Bob, the gentleman farmer