Saturday, September 12, 2020

More Bench

 First Photo of Bench in new home:

It is going to work. There is room to work on the bench and I can reach all the tools. My main bench has been moved a good way forward so there is good working space between the benches and there is good room for using the shave horse and/or the saw benches between the benches and the power tools. In addition it opens up the power tool's feed.

For once I may have a small victory in the ten pound/five pound battle.

More photos once everything is in place,



  1. Just watch for knocking tools and pieces down the back of the bench and have a telescopic magnetic pickup tool to hand Ken, but I'm jealous now of how easy that move was!

    1. Mark,

      Once back there they are lost :-). I have a couple along with telescoping mirrors in my metal tool box. I expect they will see some action.

      There is a reason I build Moravian benches. I have not found a down side other than the "hoot" factor. A Moravian just isn't as impressive as a Roubo with a 6" or more thick slab and tree trunks for legs. Works as well or better but no bragging rights.


  2. Ken, you have made Moravian workbenches of various weight. Do you find any advantage in the heavier one?
    I understand the heavier ones loose one important feature: the moving easiness.

  3. Sylvain,

    You are correct I've made Moravian's both as portable benches and as full sized shop benches. The portable ones are surprisingly stable and the shop sized ones are very mobile.

    The biggest difference between the two is the weight and size of the slab. I can install and uninstall a shop sized (~2100mm X ~90mm) slab by myself so not much mobility is lost between the two.

    The portable ones I use when traveling in the RV and for projects around the house that are not easy to do in the shop. Of course the full sized ones stay in the shop.