Sunday, September 27, 2020

Base Glued

The base trim is glued. It still needs trimming and cleaning up but that will have to wait on the glue to cure a little more. While waiting on the glue I'll make the removable top trim and lid. Followed by the clean up and a good soaking and rubbing with Tung oil and that sucker will be finished.

Unless MsBubba has plans for me, next up is a knockdown shavehorse so I can get rid of the one in the middle of the shop.



  1. Ken do I see the ends proud at the top of the bottom moldings?

    1. Ralph,

      You are correct, they will be cleaned up when I clean up the rest of the trim.

      I will not start that process until tomorrow to give the glue more time to set. The top trim is made and it will also be cleaned up tomorrow. The panel for the lid still needs to be glued up. Another couple of days, yeah right, in reality will likely finish this coming weekend.