Friday, September 25, 2020

Sawing The Trim Blanks

Well, I moved all the wood pile wood off the Alder and rescued a few boards. Next is sawing eight trim blanks.

I have a number of nice, well sharpened Disston and Atkins hand saws and even a Bad Axe Panel saw and 80% of the time I'll use one of the Stanley 26" Hard Point saws. Often on larger joints, like on a work bench, I'll use the Stanley or one of the other hand saws for joinery instead of one of the large back saws. Go figure. 

The other kink, I have room after the bench move to easily set up the saw benches. The saw benches are perfect knee height and rock solid. They even have holes for using hold fasts. In fact they were set up to use tonight. I ended up using the work bench. For some reason I prefer using the work bench for short cutoffs. 



  1. Interesting. No matter how many tools we have we often gravitate toward the same one. Not necessarely the most expensive either.

    I often use the holdfast on my saw bench. I Just finished cross cutting, ripping then carved with my chisel a replacement part for my Muskoka chair (Canadian version of Adirondack chairs) All on my saw bench.

    Very versatile

    Bob, who made his out of dovetailed 2x8 construction lumber.

  2. Bob,

    It has been so long I'm not sure if my saw benches were made with construction lumber but I think so. They are made to stack, the big one stacks on top of the smaller one. Whatever they are handy to have.