Sunday, September 13, 2020

Last of the Bench

Almost everything is in place. Still a ton of clean up work to do and I expect days of going thru the many scrap piles and sending most to the fire pit. But if I clean the tops of the slabs off things are usable and odds are I will return to making MsBubba's trash can in between moving wood to the burn pile. I can live with the mess for awhile.

As always click it to big it. That way you can really see the mess :-).

I'm surprised at how much shop space the move has opened. I figured this was going to be another moving of the deck chairs and maybe an additional 2 sq feet of working area. My guess is I have 80 or more additional sq feet of working area now vs. before. If I can go against my nature and truly clean up the wood storage it could free up and additional 20 to 30 sq feet of work space.

Now if I can resist the urge to build another bench, which BTW was my first thought when I saw how much space I freed up. It is truly a sickness. Bob does tools I do benches and maybe a few tools :-).



  1. Its truly a sickness Bob does tools I do benches Ha ha Thanks that confirms my earlier diagnostics... I need more tools :-)

    Ps, yes a bench would fit in the new space :-)

    Bob, who is convinced you got me beat in the chisels dept. :-)

  2. Bob,

    I do have a chisel jones. Sad or good I'm not sure which it is, there are a bunch more in tool rolls and boxes because there is no room on the walls.

    And of course the truth is a dozen chisels is likely overkill.


    Come on South this Winter and we can build one to fit.

  3. I wish Ken, but it may be a while before I can go down safely to the States :-(
    I also think that it may be a while before I board a plane to go somewhere and forget cruise ships, never been a fan.
    My original honeymoon plan was a romantic river cruise on the Danube river. Not happening soon, so plan C, somewhere inside our Atlantic bubble we will stay.
    The wedding should be interesting Oct 14th. You can now kiss the bride thru your masks :-(

    Bob, who is getting married no matter what

  4. Bob,

    I'm not sure but once in the States I'd worry about Canada letting you back in. We are so fucked.

    My clients are still flying but what a miserable life on the road. No food, no drinks, except in the room. I expect after a few days it would almost be like jail.

    The honeymoon can wait, ours has and we were not dealing with Covid-19. Best I can tell we are still married :-).


  5. Hi thanks ffor posting this