Friday, September 18, 2020

BBQ Today

With MsBubba in Oregon I'm free to BBQ with no grief. I figure one more Brisket before she comes home.

I started building the coal bed at 0300, by 0600 the coal bed was perfect but the pit, as expected, was too hot. After opening up the fire box with just the coals the pit was down to temp by 0700 and now just needs a log or two to keep it there.

Brisket is on, pit is on temp. it is Miller Time.

The coal bed is good, one log on but I expect it may need two to stay on temp. The secret is to keep the fire box and the vent/chimney open so it does not smoke but gives indirect heat.

And of course a photo of the Brisket that looks just like all the other photos of the Brisket I've published over the years.


Coffee for now, beer and/or whisky as the day progresses. I will start testing internal temp of the clod end of the brisket in about 6 hours and it should reach 195F and be finished in 7 to 8 hours.

A rack of Ribs will go on in an hour or two and I'll dump what Jalapenos I have in the fridge to dry and smoke.

It should be a good day off. 

Wish you'll could be here to sample, wear your masks and be safe, hopefully things work out in November and we make it to January.



  1. Oh man, that sound and looks so good :-(

    Someday, my friend


  2. Bob,

    Anytime, there is always room in Casa Chaos.

    The Brisket is great but the ribs were the best I've done. I've the meat part of my dinners taken care of for a couple of weeks. By that time I'll just be able to speak in grunts and point to what I need.


  3. Ha Ha I have a freezer full of Moose meat. We were gonna do a surf & Turf Moose roast and Lobsters, but not happening so...Guess what we are having for supper :-)

    Bob, who is sure it would BBQ nice