Friday, September 11, 2020

Bench Move

 In the never ending quest to pack 10 pounds of crap into a 5 pound bag and each time wishing for a different out come, I'm moving things around in the shop, mostly one of the benches. I have to make more floor space to ease the work flow. The real answer is to shed one or more of the work benches but so far no joy although the SIL claims he wants to take one to Houston the next time they visit.

Here is the mess made in preparation for the move:

Here is where it will go:

The bench will just fit along the wall, almost as if it were made for the spot.

Will it work, not a clue but could open up a little floor space, with just a little loss of usable bench space and I was planning on making new wall storage anyway.The only real question is where do I put the tool chest because I work out of it and it needs to be handy but also out of the way.

One other question is do I get a neighbor to help or just do what a Moravian bench is built to do and take the slab off, move the base then reattach the slab. The only problem, because this is a shop bench instead of a portable bench the slab is damn heavy. I can and have moved it by myself but that was when I had two good wheels. Right now I'm still working with a bad right foot and ankle.

Photos to follow,



  1. Steve D7:18 AM

    Your dilemma reminds me of a George Carlin joke. He asked "Can God make a rock so big that even he can't move it?"

  2. Steve,

    Using a lever all I needed was a place to stand. Once I spotted the tool chest with a clear top it was a piece of cake.