Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Going To Retrieve MsBubba

 This post is a little early, I don't leave Tucson to pick up MsBubba and the Honda Fit in Oregon until Saturday. Between now and leaving there will be little time for the shop or anything else other than erasing three months of evidence that there was no adult supervision for either Sweet Maggie Dog or myself.

The Motorhome is still missing the right hand mirror so we will be going in the truck, faster, cheaper, but nowhere near as comfortable. Bottom line a quick run to Medford, OR to be in position to meet MsBubba on the 19th. RON in Medford and hit the road hard on the 20th. Medford is just a little over 1100 miles from Tucson, basically a Saddlesore 1000 Iron Butt ride which is the easiest of all the IBA rides. Damn I miss my motorcycle and doing IBA rides and rallies but there is a time for everything and its time, like flying airplanes, has passed. The only question is can MsBubba sit in the truck that long. Sweet Maggie Dog and myself, no problem.

See you guys on down the road,



  1. Steve D4:50 PM

    Hope you are able to destroy all the evidence before MsBubba is repatriated.

    1. Steve,

      Nothing can pass her "white glove", I barely try any more :-). At the hotel in Medford, OR. waiting for her to show.

      CA roads get worse by the month. You can feel the difference from when I went up in May month to this trip up. The trucks have beat up the I-5 right lane so bad they are now camping in the left. The sad part I can't get too pissed because I would do the same.


  2. Thanks Lionel,

    CA drivers will keep you on your toes. They are not as bad as the Sudanese but getting closer all the time.