Thursday, October 01, 2020

Most of Today's Shop Time Spent on Cleanup

 A lot of shop time today along with some house cleaning to get ready for MsBubba's white glove inspection once she is home, started a little after 0300 and I'm just shutting down. For all that time there is not much to show. I finished up the inside fixtures of the trash can and spent way too much time trying to figure out and make a pull for the trash can lid. Here's one of the pulls:


Another that has a major design flaw:

I've not a clue where my head was when I put this one together other than stuck up my ass. The one good thing I can say even thought the glue joint is end grain to long grain I sized the end grain so the glue joint is strong. At least I was thinking well enough to make a strong joint but still major head up ass. I kinda like the idea but made with a long grain to long grain joint. Finishing the lid is all that is left to do, one way or another the fat lady is singing tomorrow and the can will be holding trash before night fall.


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