Thursday, October 01, 2020

Short Comment On UnPlugged Shop

As I've posted this Blog has been removed from the "Unplugged Shop" aggregator because a snow flake got his feefees hurt when I posted a truthful but negative entry about Trump. Here is a re-post:

"Trump has been a despicable person for all his life and because his family had money he has never paid the price. Having spent most of my adult life serving and cleaning up after folks much like him I know the type well.

The grabbing 'em by the pussy and mocking the disabled should have been enough to disqualify him from the Presidency but because he hates and verbalizes the hate of people about 30% of the US hates he threaded the Electoral collage needle. It has allowed the vermin to crawl out from under the rocks and have voice and has maybe ended the rein of the USA as the world leader of democratic ideas.

If this last abomination isn't enough to drive a stake through Trump and Trumpism then this nation is not saveable and does not deserve to be saved.

I promise to get back to wood working and maybe food soon. There is 60 BF of Alder out in the shop waiting for my abuse. I need the distraction and sanity break.

See you guys on down the road,"

Compared to my real feelings about Trump it's pretty weak tea. 

As I have posted before, my blog "OK Guy" is my journal and while a good part of my life is spent in the shop there are also other aspects that frankly have been somewhat neglected once "Unplugged Shop" started posting "OK Guy". It was done with knowledge because "Unplugged Shop" is a wood working aggregator and I figured correctly that if I posted mostly things that did not apply to wood working the blog would be removed.

The good news is now those self imposed restraints have been removed. I expect the postings will not be a lot different, mostly wood working, some food and cooking, art and photography, and maybe a little more on politics but not much. The difference may be I will say "what I really feel" with no pulled punches.

Hope to see you guys on down the road,



  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Hey Ken, I just want to let you know that while you will never hurt my feefees, I don't tend to read your stuff on politics. Keep doing what you are doing, and say what you want to say, this is your sandbox to play in. I enjoy some of your thoughts on woodworking. And remember "Altitude above you is useless". ;-)

  2. Anon,

    Thanks, I hope every once in awhile to post something useful or at least amusing.


  3. I thought it was Trump that set you off and I'm glad you posted it again. I'm surprised you got blackballed from the site. I would think deleting the post and slapping your hand would have been sufficient for breaking the rules. Regardless of that I will continue to read whatever you post.

  4. Thanks Ralph. Like I posted, most of the content will be woodworking but there are times for other things.