Monday, October 12, 2020

Shaping The Arms

Shaping the arms, first rough cut with the band saw, the draw knife followed by spoke shave, and now rasps. They are starting to look like bow saw arms.


A good rasp is a wonderful tool, getting to a finished arm would be very hard without at least one or two.

A week from today I will meet MsBubba in Medford, OR for the drive back to Tucson. The mirror still isn't fixed on the Motorhome so Sweet Maggie Dog and I will drive to Oregon in the truck. It is a quicker and less expensive trip but no where near as comfortable. We will come on straight back to Tucson from Medford instead of spending a few days on the beach. My guess is MsBubba is ready to be home anyway, she didn't fuss much when I told her about the change of plans.


  1. Steve D5:39 PM

    I hear 12 inch bow saws are good for that kind of work.

    1. Steve,

      Yes they are but band saws are faster :-). The biggest problem is trying to make it as light as possible but strong enough to take the tension. I will admit to braking an arm or two with over tension, it is a fine line.


  2. Steve D5:42 AM

    I know it's faster. That's why I haven't made my first 12" bow saw.

    In my youth I made a large bow saw with a piece of bandsaw blade. Also had issues with tensioning. I had made the mistake of putting a through tenon in the end which significantly weakened the frame. Needless to say, that saw didn't get used.

    Still might make another if I complete all the other things above that in the list.