Friday, October 09, 2020

12" Turning Bow Saw

 I've many posts praising the TFWW bow saw. Of all the turning saws on the market and that includes the Knew Concepts saws the !2" bow saw is the best of the lot. Full disclosure: While I do not have or have tried all the Knew Concepts saws I have a couple and while nice they do not hold a candle to the TFWW 12" bow saw. For a couple of reasons, the first is simply a 12" saw will cut faster than a 6" or even a 8" saw. The second is the TFWW saw blades. They are thinner than a coping saw blade and will fit the kerf of a Japanese pull saw as will a fret saw blade. The difference between the TFWW blade and the fret saw blade are two things, first fret saws are slower than xmas and fret saw blades break. In the years I've used the 12" bow saw I've never broken a blade.  Faster than either a coping saw or fret saw, turns as easily as either, the saw blades do not break, and cheaper than many of the Knew Concepts saws. What's not to like.

TFWW 12" bow saw with saw kit:

I was looking around for a small project to piddle with and thought "self you could use a second bow saw so one could have a fine tooth blade and the other course tooth". While not a done deal, I should have a second bow saw soon. Photos of the build to follow.




  1. If I had the space, I'd get one allright Ken, they're a lot more popular on this side of the atlantic. I have a larger one for resawing (it's just a bit smaller than the roubo frame saw, but I don't have enough room for one of those in the shed) and it's remarkably efficient and easy to use.

    1. Mark,

      They really do not take up much room :-).

      I'm surprised there is so little bow saw use this side of the pond because they work very well. I have a big one I acquired when I first started wood working that doesn't get a lot of use. The band saw does most of its work. I also have a medium sized one as well as the 12"er, both are used often.

      BTW, it doesn't take up a lot more room than a coping saw, just saying :-).


  2. The Gramercy turning saw was popular project for our college woodworking program but due to course credit cuts few have been made over the past 4 years. It's a terrific little saw.

  3. Un,

    That's a shame. Building it has a lot to teach and you end up with the best turning saw for cleaning up joinery.