Saturday, December 12, 2020

Rear Leg For The Shavehorse

The roughed out rear leg on the shavehorse:

Slow progress, mostly because the day job is a little crazy, but whatever it will be finished around the 1st. Things left to finish are installing the swing arm and dumb head, mortises in the platform arm and the rail to hold the wedges, making a new seat, and shaping the rear leg along with general breaking of edges and clean up.



  1. Looks like its gonna be a hefty piece once completed.
    Why the stange shape of the front leg?

    Bob, scratching his ass and Rudy

  2. Bob,

    The bottom area will be thinned a little from about the knott, the back edge will go forward so there is about a 36mm square foot to the leg. Mostly the shape is controlled by it needing to be a wedge.

    The back leg has been cut to shape and is much less massive, photos to follow once the next stage is done.

    Yep each unit is strong and heavy but light enough to be easy to move, together it should be pretty sturdy.