Sunday, December 06, 2020

More Shavehorse

 I glued up the platform that holds the table and the dumb head today.

The rails are sized, the build should go quickly said the fool with the keyboard.
I should add: I first stated the build would be with Osage Orange but it is Honey Locust. Brain fart on this end although from a working stand point not a lot of difference, both are miserable to work.



  1. Steve D4:02 PM

    You have to call it a misinformed head now.

    I know that black locust is some hard mofo wood. Haven't encountered honey locust. Sounds like a good benchtop if the price is right. I will have to consult Hoadley tonight.

    1. Steve,


      Working off memory, Honey Locust is a different species but is also heavy and hard along with being s PITA to work with either machines or hand. You may be correct, it might make a good bench slab but I would not want to flatten it by hand.


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