Sunday, December 27, 2020

More Shavehorse

Work on the shavehorse stopped over xmas week because it is also MsBubba's B-Day week. Today was my first chance for shop time and as expected the Honey Locust bit my butt like I knew it would before finishing the shavehorse. While chopping the mortise for the rear leg wedge a big chunk blew out, the wedged mortise will hold the leg OK but it sure is ugly.

Left to do: fit the treadle to the swing arm, glue and peg the dumb head, cut and shape the swing arm pivot, and clean up and oil the whole thing.

A couple of photos:




  1. Strange looking beast, but I suspect you know what you need/want...
    I suspect it all comes apart flattish for storage and moving?

    Bob, where the youngest just arrived, the dogs are up :-)

  2. Bob,

    It is strange looking, but the basic form was developed by chair bodgers to make legs and spindles near where the tree was felled.

    You are correct, all the pieces come apart (most held by wedges) so it lays flat and/or can be storied separately but is easy to put back together.

    Someone new with treats and belly rubs, good times for all.