Thursday, October 30, 2014

Teased Today

I have an order in for a set of Kikuhiromaru chisels made with #1 White Steel and White Oak handles, for a short while it looked as if they were going to be ready a little earlier than expected. I received an email stating they were finished early and images were attached for my approval.

I opened the first image and these are the chisels:

Absolutely beautiful chisels but..... and I almost didn't say anything. Of course they are making it right and I'll have my chisels at about the time I was expecting them anyway. But damn, it was hard to walk away and wait for them to be re-handled in White Oak. 


  1. Ok, you gotta tell me, where's the defect??

  2. Ordered White Oak handles....These are Red Oak, minor but might as well get the ones I wanted. Beautiful chisels though and in some ways Red Oak handles are prettier than White.


  3. Uh, I should of noticed that. I like both. I've actually started adding Japanese chisels to my collection but trying to get every handle a different type of wood. Helps keep the chisel role colorful :)

  4. what vendor did you use to buy the chisels?