Sunday, October 26, 2014

First Day Off

I did an eight straight days run at work, off today but go back for three tomorrow. Not much gets done on work days, I almost always plan to spend a few hours in the shop and most of the time I do but the time spent isn't too productive if you do not count tool maintenance and sharpening. After eight days on the job my chisel and plane irons are pristine but the pantry doors are just setting there.

Along with the day off road running I managed to get one door fitted, it still needs the panel cut and to be draw bored but at least a little progress was made. BTW, what a PITA deep 1/4" mortices are on narrow rails. This is one case where a pig sticker is just too much chisel but I really do not like using a bench chisel. Of course after making a kluge of the first four mortices I remembered I've a set of Sorby sash mortice chisels on the west wall. Sometimes I need a minder, I dread seeing what I'm like in another ten-fifteen years.  

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