Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What I Found in Today's Post

A couple of weeks ago during a midnight prowl of Japanese tool porn I couldn't help myself and ordered a Kinshiro Marking Gauge. Mr. Kinshiro has retired and the gauges are becoming rare but that is not the only reason I wanted one, they are beautifully made and one of the most functional marking gauges of any type.

Anyway enough of the back story, when I order from Japan I usually just forget about it and I have a pleasant surprise when the tool shows up. Well today I had a pleasant surprise, much sooner than I expected.

The gauge is beautiful, with a wonderful feel in the hand, and most important makes nice true mark with little pressure.

I have a couple more nice surprises coming, one from Stu at Tools from Japan , the other from Mr. Tomohito Iida at Iida Tool .

Midnight browsing of tool porn can be expensive.

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