Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Machines

I had a couple of minutes available to finish milling the rails and stiles for the pantry doors. As much as I enjoy working wood with hand tools it is good and meet to have machines to true and dimension stock. All that is needed now is to match up the pieces and saw to size then I can start the joinery.

On a job like this one, with six semi-large doors I can almost wish I still had the router table, then I remember the noise, dust, and danger. So MsOK is tapping her foot with arms folded waiting for her pantry to be finished....it's not a big deal doing that many doors by hand is slower.

Next up I'll go through the stock, matching up potential rails with stiles and culling the extras. As always, the decision will be: Do I do all six doors as a batch or do the doors in pairs. Efficiency would have me doing each process on all six in steps. Sanity, I hope, will win and I will work on each door set to finish and then go on to the next.

The trued stock:




  1. The Pasta, The Marinara and The Parmesan....Go in peace my son.