Friday, October 10, 2014

A Surprise Day Off

A Client canceled scheduled training at the last minute and I've a three day weekend that was not expected. It changed the schedule from hell to one that is OK, or maybe a better way to put it; it delayed the start of a slightly better schedule from purgatory.

I expect today will be spent mostly running the streets taking care of stuff that has been put off but I also hope to start the rough dimensioning of the stiles and rails for the new pantry's six doors. That and finish up the RV's trim work. Those projects along with shop and tool maintenance and it should be a nice couple/three days off.

I've a couple of new Arkansas stones coming, I expected them yesterday, maybe the UPS girl will show up today.  I'm settling into a sharpening system that is working very well and may end my quest for a better way.  I'm using a set of EZLap diamond stones for grinding, then depending somewhat on the metal of the iron, using either the brown Spyderco ceramic or a Hard Black Arkansas to lap. For polishing I'm using the white Fine Spyderco ceramic stone and I've lost the strop. Instead of a strop for final edge clean up I'm giving the edge a pull through the end grain of a Red Oak block. I forget where I saw the block "trick" but it seems to work very well.

It's a pretty no muss, no fuss system, requiring only an occasional flatting/waking up of the stones and the best part is no water. The only water to touch my tools is when I use the Tormek to reshape the bevel.    

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