Friday, October 03, 2014

Pantry Short Rows

A two week job is now in its second month, but at least the end is somewhere in sight. I'm mounting the drawers and adjusting the slides for smooth operation. Making and finishing the face plates is next on the list. Then it will just be a case of waiting for the back ordered pulls.

I'm off for a couple and the box building and finishing for the pantry is done. I will look for any reason to delay mounting the boxes to the slides. I haven't a clue why but I sure can find things to slow me down. This morning it was putting the shop back in order and cleaning off the second bench. While straightening up I ran across a piece of Sapele that would make a good straight edge. What a lovely little project, I was able to use a bunch different tools, the shooting board, three different planes other than the shooting board's #51 including the big boy #8, a draw knife, a spokeshave, and even dug out the metal straightedge to check for true. Here it is noon and I still have the first drawer of the day to mount and I can hear the wood store calling my name. 

The new straightedge:


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