Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Dog's Breakfast

The drawers are installed in the pantry, just as I was headed to the shop to true up and dimension the wood for the drawer fronts MsOK decided she wanted doors instead. Whiplash, I tell you that woman gives me whiplash. Anyway three sets of doors coming up if and when I can find a few days to work on 'em.

Must be nostalgia time, lately I've received photographs from the dark ages, one set from an old friend who shared a hangar with me in the 80's and the other from my first and truest love. Barbara and I watched the moon landing together, she was working her way through nursing school and I was a Medical Lab Tech along with doing the flight school thing and a occasional shot at University. The photos she sent were from our time in Utah in the early 70's. BTW, Barb ended up with a PhD, I went on to flying corporate aircraft, ending my flying on a Gulfstream G-IV and now instruct in Sims. Oh, as an after thought and never used, I got a B.S. in Economics.

Here I am, all 160lbs of me, with the required 70's "Porn Stach":

This other photo, I would guess, is from the 80's and has a story behind it. Mostly about how times change.

OK, if you will let an old man indulge here is the back story: I spent most of my adult life on Hobby Airport, first showing up right out of High School. I left a couple of times but bottom line Hobby was home and it was that way to many of my cohorts. The airport was pretty close knit and because Houston wasn't at that time too civilized the folks that had the money to operate airplanes were mostly larger than life. Another way to put it is we took our working, drinking and playing to another level. During the time of the above photo every Friday whoever was in town from our hangar crew would go to a local beer and hamburger joint for lunch. The place was kinda a forerunner of Hooters, the wait staff was young, good looking and being the 80's a good number didn't wear bras. The beer would flow and most Fridays we would end up crawling out about closing time. An example of changing times, no DWI ever resulted. Anyway I'll cut to the chase: after a while they started sticking us in a back area where we wouldn't scare the civilians too much. Of course a bunch of young men with more money than sense mixed with lots of beer and a young good looking wait staff resulted in an occasional boob flash. One of the results was Kelly decided that turn about was fair play as this photo shows.  Damn we had fun, ain't no way those times could be repeated today....The world and America has changed too much. 

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