Thursday, October 09, 2014

Sticking Board

A friend's new RV had some trim work that needed attention. The dealer blotched the repair job so bad he will not take it back to them. After looking at the repair I can't say I blame him, I wouldn't let 'em touch it either.

Anyway he asked if I could make new trim pieces, because he is a good friend I agreed. Pulling the old trim off was quite a shock, it's all MDF with a picture of wood glued on and this is on a very high dollar RV.

I've the trim in my shop, I found a nice 8/4 Cherry board in my wood pile that is close to the Cherry picture of wood and I've rough dimensioned the trim pieces. It is now just a matter of cleaning 'em up but as usual there is a small hold up. It would be best to use a sticking board for the clean up but the sticking board I just made is too short. I'm waiting for the trim pieces to finish doing their stupid wood tricks and while waiting I need to decide if it is worth making a simpler but longer sticking board or just making a very thin stop and using the bench top as a sticking board. Still going over the pros and cons but leaning towards just a very thin stop.  


  1. You'll be able to re-use both but I vote for the sticking board. I've used both and I prefer the board over the bench.

  2. I expect you are right. The biggest problem with the sticking board is finding somewhere to store it in my over loaded shop. I need to be shed of about half the tools, jigs, and crap I have but no matter how many time times I clean, straighten and even box up unused shop things I can't bring myself to sell or throw 'em out. Although, lately I've found myself giving stuff away to other woodworkers when they come over, it's dangerous in my shop to express an interest in a tool or jig because you will probably go home with it.