Thursday, October 09, 2014


I'm like most folks, as I've aged I've added weight. It seems I've averaged 5 to 20 lbs a decade, it's not too much nor has it happened quickly but....over 50 decades I've become fat. I wish there were a nicer way to put it but there isn't. Fat is fat and what brought it home was getting some blood work done a couple of months ago which showed I was pre-diabetic and of course the photos from long ago helped as well.

I've gone on low carb diets before and I lose weight easily by limiting carbs but.....damn in life there are always buts. My favorite foods are beer, Tex-Mex, anything with rice, and pasta. It's tough to give 'em up. That said, how can you complain when a typical lunch looks like this and you lose weight.

Steak cooked charred on the outside and rare in the center, shrimp, and greens with oil and vinegar:

I started out a couple of months ago just a little over 235 lbs. I got stuck at about 215 lbs. for a couple of weeks and then I paid attention to MsOK. 

MsOK has been on an anti artificial sweetener rant for some time. She says that artificial sweeteners "trick" the body into producing more insulin and are worse that using sugar. What the hell, even though I'm a sceptic it couldn't hurt to stop using sweeteners and drinking diet drinks. I didn't think it would make a difference but wrong Bubba, the weight started melting off.

Yesterday I weighted in at 205 lbs., 30 lbs off in a couple of months eating as much as I want as shown above. Not too bad but damn I miss my beans and tortillas.   


  1. I'm on the same ship as you Ken. Bad news from blood work and since July I've dropped 45lbs. I have gone from a 44 waist to a 36 and my doc says I still need to lose more. I told her that I can turn sideways and stick out my tongue and look like a zipper, isn't that enough already? She says my ideal weight is 155 and the last time I weighed close to that I was 13 and 150lbs.

  2. Anonymous9:32 AM

    "....over 50 decades I've become fat."

    You're doing a lot better than average for your age.

  3. That is a sad fact. For some time I've tried to figure out what has changed in the American diet to cause the level of obesity we currently see. It didn't use to be that way.

    After my experience with zero calorie sweeteners I'm beginning to think their increased use may be one of the keys.

  4. Ralph,

    It's hell to get old. Like you I should be around 160 lbs. but it will never happen. I figure under 190 lbs. will be about as good as I can get it and still have a life. Like the old joke, at my age getting down to the perfect weight will not really change how long I live it will just make it seem to.

    The sweetener thing really surprised me, I had never really drank diet sodas nor used sweeteners until just a few years ago. I always figured go for the real thing but use less, sometime in there I went for the free lunch, and guess what, surprise, surprise, there ain't no such thing.