Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pantry Build is Still Coming Along Slowly

I'm beginning to think this pantry build will never end. Between work, building a work bench for a friend, a little out of town travel, keeping Casa Chaos from falling down, caring for two hairy critters and one Scot, plus finishing up last year's taxes before the 15th. I just finished six straight days at work and have twelve straight bearing down on me like a train, I'm close to overload.

Times like this and retirement starts looking good, then I get the mental image of me retired in a food, glue, and finish stained T-shirt and shorts, shaking my fist at the neighbor kids and yelling at them to get off my rocks....It ain't a pretty thought and twelve in a row starts looking better.

Anyway, the slides are installed, the drawers are finished but.....and it is a big but, because I built 'em tight to 25mm smaller than the opening and after looking at the mount options I decided I needed to use the face plate mount instead of direct mounting the slides and the face plate mount requires a few extra mm of room, the drawers are close to 6mm too wide.

Almost too much to plane off and too little for the bandsaw but bandsaw it is followed by the Stanley #5 with a heavy camber and the LN #4 1/2 to smooth it all. That's the bad news, the good is it doesn't take long....about 15 minutes a drawer and I'm getting a good work out to boot.

Once the drawers are fitted, I'll make faceplates and fit the rails. I expect the rails will be attached with the Kreg system and screws. That's not my favorite way of doing things but my guess it's the best for this build.

The pulls are still on back who knows when it will be finished.

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