Monday, September 01, 2014

Pantry Frame Finished

Pantry Frame is finished, just waiting for a coat or two of pant. I'll start the drawers sometime in the next day or two. At least making the drawers will be enjoyable.  BTW, I tried to talk MsOK into finishing the paint, you would have thought I had two heads from the look she gave me. She did take a look at it last night and I guess she gave her approval, She said I was very "talented with wood," of course I stubbed my toe, tugged my forelock and said "Ah Shucks Mam". For what it was worth, that's from a woman who wanted me to build a "rustic chest like the ones from Mexico." I wonder, did she mean the pantry looked like a Folk Artist build from found wood pallets? Hummmmm....

Once the pantry is finished it's on to the "rustic" buffet unless MsOK has other plans. We will see how the time works out, I have a three day line starting tomorrow and another three day line starting next Monday. When I finish those lines, I'm off to La Crosse for Bad Axe's Fall saw sharpening seminar.

I expect productivity will be about normal....very slow.

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