Saturday, September 06, 2014

Cutting Grooves for Drawer Bottoms

Four down sixteen to go. Truth is the four went very quickly. I haven't decided the order of work yet but I'm leaning towards doing a drawer, then doing the next one and so on. It is not as efficient but it will also keep the mind engaged. Grooving twenty sides then cutting twenty sets of tails followed by twenty sets of pins could be mind numbing.

One of the grooves:

I've been using the brown and the white Spyderco ceramic stones for final polishing after establishing the bevel with either the EZE-LAP fine or the Tormek and skipping the strop for the last couple of weeks. My irons have never been sharper.

Here is something for the soul, the view out our back garden of the Catalina's during a Monsoon rain today:


  1. Hi Ken,
    is that a #8 I see under the bench on the far right? If so, does it get much use?

  2. Ralph,

    You have a good eye, it's a Stanley type 9 #8 with a Hock O-1 iron, a beautiful plane but I also have a LN #8 in the plane till. About the only time either gets used is my once or twice a year 4-square exercise. Ahh but.....if the machines ever go they are sharp and ready.

    Sorry about your tooth, it was good to see in your morning post that it is getting better.