Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sold the Honda VTX1300

My bike inventory is down by one, the little '06 VTX has a new home. It was a good bike, I did my first SS1000 (the entry ride to join the Iron Butt Association) on it as well as many LD rides. The last few years it had lived with the boy child in Texas but he stopped riding. The last time we went to visit I trailered it back to Tucson. It's good it sold, I don't ride enough to justify one bike much less three. I expect to offer the Kawasaki up for a price that can not be refused soon to get down to just the 'Wing.

The IBA is having a party in Dallas the first part of November, I expect I will throw a leg over the 'Wing and head East on TBMCRITS*, make a left to join I-20 outside Van Horn and spend a couple of days telling "there I waz" stories and showing off the Dirty Fat Girl to the only folks that might think she's pretty.

*I-10, The Best Motorcycle Road in The States, 874 miles and 6 curves from Orange to Anthony :-).

The VTX off the road from Ozona, TX to Del Rio, TX:

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