Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Hide Glue

I've been a convert to Liquid Hide Glue, both the Titebond and Old Brown Glue, for some time. It's good glue, nice to work and works well but I've also read about hot Hide Glue and some of the differences between the two such as being able to do "rub joints." I had to put a glue pot on my want list.

After looking at several and dithering for what seems forever I ordered TFWW's copper lined glue pot. The UPS girl or maybe more accurate the FedEx guy delivered it and a couple of other things a few days ago. Nice pot. I finally had a glue up to do last night and fired the pot up, put in a hand full of dried hide glue and some water. After heating and guessing at how it should look, I went with thin syrup, I did a rub joint. Damn, it worked.....just a few seconds and there was no way the two pieces of wood were coming apart. Next up were the M/T joints of the two small doors, no muss or fuss, just painted the tenons and the pins and stuck it together. Pretty nice stuff.  


  1. You should buy Steven Shepard's book on hide glue (Full Chisel blog/store). I was amazed at how many uses there are for hide glue.

  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I'll second the recommendation for Shepard's book. I had to find a used copy, he was out of stock, but the book covers everything you would possibly want to know about hide glue. I've been using the liquid version and love it, but I'm also really itching to try the hot variety too.


  3. Thanks guys,

    I'll order it with the next TFWW order, or maybe a stand alone order.