Sunday, November 23, 2014

To Strop Or Not

I have Japanese chisels in both #1 and #2 White Steel, either takes an incredible edge straight off the stone and the edge will last. I also have a set of the newer Stanley SW 750's with Chrome Steel, they take a good edge but straight off the stone the edge fractures at the first touch of wood and the chisel dulls very quickly. If I strop on some leather charged with Herb's Yellowstone, the chisel feels the same, not as sharp as the Japanese chisels but close and the edge will not fracture as quickly. Either chisel makes a good working chisel but each needs a different approach to sharpening.

Just an observation, time to go strap a Sim to my ass for most of the day.

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  1. Chrome steel is coarser than carbon steel, in general. Could be sharpening angle, as a result. Could be they buffed the steel too hard and drew the temper, and the steel will be better once it's been sharpened a few times.

    But yeah, different steels respond differently to various methods.

    That said, sometimes different woods need different approaches. I had a white oak project requiring a lot of dovetails. After a while I was stropping my white steel chisels after every few strokes, front and back.